1. Pepper- Head smashed with a brick
2. Laurie Gibson- Lip sliced off, throat slit
3. Ed Parker- Clawed to death
4. Shayne- Throat slit
5. Connor- Slashed up with claw
6. Kevin- Back flayed with butcher knife
7. Dave Worthy- Strangled to death
8. Dave Carslip- Wrist broken, corkscrew in the eye
9. Mrs. Park- Face smashed with bottle
10. Rich- Strangled to death
11. Mrs. Beeman- Clawed to death
12. Teacher- Trampled by students in massacre
13. Student- Bludgeoned with tire iron
14. Mr. Fong- Tire iron to head
15. Jock- Bludgeoned with tire iron
16. Teacher- Bludgeoned with tire iron
17. Amber- Body collapsed into camera monitor
18. Mrs. Tanner- Bludgeoned with tire iron
19. Mr. Ratner- Bludgeoned with tire iron
20. Courtney- Bludgeoned with tire iron
21. Ashley- Slashed in chest with box cutters
22. Kayla- Face cut off with box cutters
23. Katie- Head smashed, slashed to death with box cutters
24. Devon- Stabbed to death
25. Monica- Fell to her death from third floor
26. Detective Rodriguez- Slashed to death
27. Lola- Skull ripped open, brains devoured
28. Detective Miller- Clawed, throat ripped out
29. Rose- Burned to death in furnace
30. Brandon- Clawed in neck and back

*NOTE: According to the book, 461 people died at the school massacre, but there is no way to know how many students and teachers were actually killed there.

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