1. The earthquake footage shown on Heather's TV was actually real footage from the Northridge Quake in Los Angeles in 1994, which happened right around the time they were shooting.

2. All of the scenes at New Line Cinema were actually shot at the New Line Cinema offices.

3. The scenes shot with Sara Risher and Robert Shaye were among the first scenes filmed.

4. Those scenes, along with the ending, were the first shot before the rest of the film.

5. The book on Robert Shaye's table in his office is a real book, titled, 'The Nightmare Never Ends', written by Andy Mangels. It is available on Amazon.com through the Lair Online Store.

6. Wes Craven takes a shot at the other Nightmare movies in this film, saying that the story dies, the characters become too familiar and watered down to make an easier sell.

7. The original opening of the movie showed an earthquake opening up the earth and Dylan falling to hell, but is then saved by Heather. Obviously this would have been a dream sequence.

8. Freddy Krueger was re-designed to make him a more historic symbol of evil throughout human history.

9. Heather's house was actually filmed in Tarzana, California.

10. Talk about a slice of reality. Heather Langenkamp's husband really is a special effects technician, and her son was the same age as Dylan when they filmed. Wes Craven wanted to get it as close to her real life as possible.

11. Julie's character was originally set to be taken over by Freddy and turned evil. But Wes changed the script to depict Freddy as his own entity.

12. The crew member who pulls Heather out of her limo is actually Danny Elfman's nephew.

13. Sam Rubin, the host of the TV show with Heather and Robert, really was a TV show host in Los Angeles. He was an entertainment reporter for the KTLA Morning News.

14. The song Chase sings in his truck is R.E.M.'s 'Losing My Religion', and contains the lyrics "That was just a dream". This was a clever inclusion in the soundtrack, although the song never appears. R.E.M. is a type of deep sleep.

15. The children's park where Dylan was on the rocket was dismantled shortly after filming.

16. Miko Hughes, the actor who played Dylan, now owns the same 30-foot rocket he stood on, as well as the sewn up Rex dinosaur used in filming. Wes Craven also kept an original, clean version of Rex.

17. Wes filmed Robert at his house in Pasadena to show his view of Robert Englund, the movie star, as opposed to Robert Englund, the guy who plays Freddy Krueger. It helped give a degree of separation between the actor and the character.

18. Robert Englund really does live in a beach house and surfs frequently.

19. Dr. Hefner was named after Richard Hefner, the head of the MPAA who censored most of Wes Craven's films.

20. When Heather drives to see Wes, you can see some of the damage done by the Malibu fires around that time.

21. The scene at Hollywood and Sunset Blvd. was used again, just like it was in the original Nightmare movie.

22. The "bio-engineered" hand/glove that Freddy uses in this film (as opposed to the glove used in the prior films) is actually derived from the artwork of the theatrical poster and video box covers of 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' (1984).

23. Wes Craven's daughter Jessica Craven appears as a nurse in the film.

24. Wes Craven had intended to ask Johnny Depp to make an appearance as himself in the funeral scene, but Craven never worked up the courage to ask him. Later, after the film's release, they ran into each other and Craven asked Depp if he would have made an appearance in the movie and Depp said that he would have, and insisted that Craven should have asked him.

25. The events in this film revolve around Heather Langenkamp having a stalker. In real life, she did have a stalker, and Wes Craven got her permission to weave it into the story.

26. A picture of Heather Langenkamp that was on John Saxon's desk in the original movie can be seen on a shelf in Wes Craven's house.

27. There was a scene in the script that depicted a Freddy nightmare with him attacking Robert Englund. The nightmare had Robert stuck in a spider-like web and the new "DEMON" Freddy was a giant spider. This was dropped because it didn't fit with the film's overall tone.

28. Before making New Nightmare, Wes Craven watched all of the Elm Street films. By the time he was finished, he claimed that he could not follow the storyline at all. He further regards the sequels to be weak compared to his original masterpiece.

29. The basic premise of the film, with Freddy invading the real world and haunting the actors and crew responsible for the 'Nightmare On Elm Street' films, was originally intended to be used for 'Dream Warriors', but the idea was rejected by the studio at the time. However, this time around, with Freddy "dead", the producers were looking for a new angle and revived the idea with Wes Craven returning.

30. In the scene where Heather is dialing Robert Englund's house number on the phone in her car, the music tones that are played when she presses the buttons is the same as the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' theme, composed by Charles Bernstein.

31. In the end credits, Freddy Krueger is credited as himself, even though Robert Englund reprises the role. This was done to add to the realism and authenticity of the film.

32. The clothes worn by Heather Langenkamp and John Saxon towards the end of the film are the exact same clothes they wore in the original film.

33. During the scene in the playground where Heather is talking about what happened at the funeral, right as she says, 'Seeing Freddy in that grave seemed pretty real', a boy rides by on a bicycle wearing a sweater that is nearly identical to the one Freddy himself wears.

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