1. When the clay puppet face turns into Freddy's, special-effects man Doug Beswick used stop-motion animation. Filming began with a clay Freddy face that was made plainer in each frame. The result was then run backwards, and that is what appears in the final cut of the film.

2. For the scene where Freddy kills Jennifer, his line in the script was "This is it Jennifer, your big break on TV!" Robert Englund said this line for the first two takes, but on the third take he ad-libbed and changed it to "Welcome to Prime Time, bitch!" Director Chuck Russell couldn't decide which version to use, so he ended up editing both together.

3. The scene in which Neil Gordon (Craig Wasson) is thrown into the grave and partially buried by the skeleton of Freddy is a tribute to the 1984 film 'Body Double', in which Wasson's character is similarly buried alive.

4. Jennifer watches the film 'Critters' (1986) just before she dies. Also, the very short clip just before she switches to the Dick Cavett show, featuring actor Donald Pleasence is a scene from 'Alone In The Dark' (1982), which was directed by Jack Sholder, who also directed 'Freddy's Revenge'.

5. Sally Kellerman was originally in the script as the guest on the Dick Cavett show scene in which Jennifer dies, but this was later changed.

6. When Taryn is first seen in the hallway she's wearing a Dokken t-shirt. Dokken, of course, wrote and performed the song 'Dream Warriors' for this film.

7. The original 'Freddy Snake' unintentionally came out looking too phallic. The crew only had one hour to film the scene so they didn't have enough time to paint it. So, it was covered in a green goo substance to overcome the "pinkish hue". The scene involving the "Freddy Snake" attempting to swallow Kristen was also filmed backwards and then played in reverse due to the gums on the puppet being too flexible and were folding over themselves.

8. The bar where Nancy and Dr. Gordon meet Nancy's Father is called 'Little Nemo's'. 'Little Nemo In Slumberland' is the name of a comic strip by Winsor McCay about the adventures of a child in the land of dreams.

9. The Freddy glove that was stolen from the set of this film was later found hanging in the wall of the work shed in 'Evil Dead II' (1987), released the same year. It was part of a continued banter between directors Wes Craven and Sam Raimi. You can refer to 'The Hills Have Eyes' (1977), 'The Evil Dead' (1981), 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' (1984) and 'Evil Dead II' (1987) for more.

10. 'Dream Warriors' was Patricia Arquette's first movie.

11. Robert Englund wrote a treatment for this movie, but it wasn't used.

12. The track 'Quiet Cool' by Jay Ferguson from the New Line film 'Quiet Cool' (1986) replaced Dokken's 'Into The Fire' on the original VHS, Beta and Laserdisc releases.

13. The original premise of the film involved Freddy invading the real world and haunting the actors and crew responsible for the 'Nightmare On Elm Street' films. This idea was rejected by the studio, though Wes Craven later used it for 'New Nightmare' (1994).

14. The film was banned in Australia until the Queensland Film Board of Review was abolished in 1990 by then Premier Wayne Goss.

15. In the novelization for 'Freddy Vs. Jason', it mentions that Freddy would later go on to murder both Neil and Dr. Simms.

16. For one week during filming, Robert Englund was working 24 hours every day. By day, he was wrapping up filming on his TV series 'Downtown' (1986) and then would report to the 'Dream Warriors' set at night.

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