1. This film is the first film that does not feature Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger. He removed himself from consideration for the role, feeling he's getting too old for the demanding chase and fight scenes.

2. Robert Englund is the only member of the original cast to support the film. Director Wes Craven was vehemently against it, particularly when he was not asked to work on it.

3. Actor John Saxon was offered a cameo, but declined.

4. This film was originally considered as a prequel, but that idea was dropped.

5. The film was originally supposed to be released on April 16, 2010, but was pushed back to April 30, 2010 due to post-production issues (which still surfaced in the final product anyway).

6. Among other actors considered for roles were Billy Bob Thornton as Freddy Krueger and Amanda Crew as Nancy.

7. Kyle Gallner impressed the producers so much on his audition that he was offered a role on the same day.

8. There were around 15 different drafts of the script written, with the final product a combination of four of them.

9. The casting of Jackie Earle Haley was originally started as a rumor, but based on his performance as Rohrschach in 'Watchmen' (in which his character has a voice similar to Freddy's), the producers felt he would be a good fit and he was cast.

10. In order to elicit a real response from the actors during the scene in Freddy's secret cave, the producers showed them photos of kids taken from real surgeries.

11. The contact lenses Jackie Earle Haley wore during production scratched his corneas, delaying production. During this two-week span, the whites of his eyes turned blood red.

12. The Freddy gloves were the most protected props during production, as previous films in the original series had theirs stolen.

13. Kyle Gallner suffered a cut to his abdomen when the prop claw worn by Jackie Earle Haley failed to bend back down, leaving one of the knives extended.

14. The remaining names of the original pre-school class were names of the crew members, including costumers Sukari McGill and Lizzie Cook, researcher Nancy Lumb, set production assistant Carrie Bush, art director Craig Jackson, and graphic artist Bret Tanzer.

15. To keep this film under wraps and secret, promotional materials were shipped under the title "Back Scratch".

16. Johnny Depp accompanied Jackie Earle Haley to audition for the original 'Nightmare On Elm Street' in 1984, but it was Depp given a role instead. 26 years later, Haley came full circle and played Freddy.

17. Half of Jackie Earle Haley's make-up was a green appliance, so that CGI could be added to it in post-production.

18. Jackie Earle Haley's voice was altered in post-production to give it a deeper, more supernatural feel.

19. Originally, it took the make-up team six hours to apply Jackie Earle Haley's make-up. By the end of production, however, they had it slimmed down to three hours.

20. The school board president of one of the high schools used in the film allowed the location to be used only if no death scenes would be filmed there. The producers agreed.

21. Warner Brothers originally wanted the film converted into 3-D in post-production, but the producers were adamant that this not happen, as the film was not in 3-D to begin with and they feared it would not be good enough. In the end, the producers won out, and the film was not converted.

22. The CGI team who worked on Freddy's face also worked on the face of Two-Face in 'The Dark Knight' (2008).

23. The make up team wanted to make Freddy look more like an actual burn victim, and the crew had many reference photos of actual victims, which detailed how white the skin would appear after healing. However, they did not want the audience to "turn away in disgust" whenever Freddy appeared on screen, so they opted to take away some of the realism.

24. When Kristen is looking at the obituaries, one of the names visible is David J. Chamerski, who worked in the prop department on the film.

25. Freddy's sweater was knitted by Judy Graham, the same woman who knitted Freddy's sweater in the original film.

26. In the film, Freddy says that the human brain will still function well over seven minutes after death. This is actually true, as the human brain will function up to ten minutes after death.

27. The 'Elm Street' sign is seen twice during the film, but Elm Street itself is never mentioned.

28. When the prop department was designing the glove, they built dozens of models, including prototypes that had claws on all five fingers.

29. Just before Kristen falls asleep in class, the teacher tells his students to turn their books to page 84. 1984 is the year the original 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' was released.

30. When Jackie Earle Haley was asked what put him in the right mindset to play Freddy Krueger, he said "sitting in the makeup chair for three hours. After that, you feel like you could kill someone".

31. This film marks the second time writer Wesley Strick has penned a remake of a classic horror film, following 1991's 'Cape Fear'.

32. Jackie Earle Haley would often improvise his lines on the set, feeling this might help unease his other cast members if they didn't know what line he was going to say.

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