1. In an alternate ending of the first film, young heroine Nancy Thompson gets on a school bus with Freddy driving, which would then set up Part 2 (which was originally supposed to have Heather Langenkamp back as Nancy).

2. Special-effects man Rick Lazzarini created a "demonic parakeet" puppet for the scene in which the Walsh's pet parakeet flies around and explodes. However, it was axed because it didn't look real enough.

3. This is the only film in the series not to use Charles Bernstein's original 'Nightmare On Elm Street' theme, or any variation of it.

4. In the opening sequence, Robert Englund appears as the bus driver, minus the Freddy make-up and costume.

5. New Line Cinema CEO Robert Shaye makes his obligatory cameo as an S&M bartender.

6. Other actors who auditioned for the role of Jesse included Brad Pitt, John Stamos and Christian Slater.

7. The song 'Touch Me', which is being played in Jesse's room while he is unpacking, is an early (and slightly different) version of Cathy Dennis's #2 hit from the early 1980s.

8. 'Nightmare' series creator Wes Craven refused to work on this film because he never wanted or intended 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' to become a franchise. He originally wanted the first film to have a happy ending. He also didn't like the idea of Freddy manipulating the protagonist into committing the murders, and feels Freddy would just do it himself.

9. Although the running time for this film is 87 minutes, Freddy only appears in 13 of them.

10. JoAnn Willette is one of the girls seated in the back of the school bus driven by Freddy at the beginning of the film. She would later go on to star in the ABC sitcom 'Just The Ten Of Us' (1988), a program which not only featured numerous references to the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' franchise, but also co-starred Heather Langenkamp and Brooke Theiss (from 'The Dream Master').

11. 'Freddy's Revenge' is the last film in the original 'Nightmare' franchise in which Freddy's house is the focal point of Freddy's terror. In the rest of the series, Freddy's terror revolves generally around Elm Street and the town of Springwood with the house occasionally making an appearance. In the hybrid film, 'Freddy Vs. Jason', there was a reference in the film that Lori lived in Freddy's house but the reference was cut from the theatrical release (but appears in the Deleted Scenes section of the DVD).

12. The eye in Jesse's throat was Kevin Yagher's girlfriend's eye.

13. Robert Rusler auditioned for the role of Ron Grady on the last day of shooting for 'Weird Science' (1985). Robert Downey, Jr. drove him to the audition.

14. David Chaskin deliberately wrote his screenplay to contain homo-erotic subtexts. Director Jack Sholder was completely unaware of this at the time.

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