1. There were several shots of Freddy taken in the boiler room that were never added to the film, including close-ups and of him making his claws. They were never used because Wes Craven just couldn't find the precise spot where he wanted them, so they were removed entirely.


2. During the sleepover party, there is additional dialogue that was cut. When Glen is investigating the noise outside Tina's house, he says, "I'm gonna punch out your ugly lights whoever you are". He then turns back to Nancy and Tina and says, "it's just a stupid cat". At that point, Nancy demands that Glen go back and retrieve "his tail and his whiskers", and Tina adds, "anyway, I don't have a cat". This leads to Glen's line "kitty, kitty" that remained in the theatrical version. Glen is tackled by Rod after that, and the scene plays out mostly the same. However, before Nancy and Glen go back inside, Nancy tells him, "I think we should get out of here". Glen replies, "I guess we'll guard her together, through the night, in each other's arms, just like we said". That leads to a kiss between the two, and Nancy pulling away saying, "Glen, not now" that remained theatrically. At the very end, Nancy tells him she's going to bed.


3. When the trash can lid rolls to a stop, Tina originally walks over to it and picks up a handful of worms. She gasps and tosses them away, as Freddy's shadow appears behind her and the rest of the scene plays out the way it did theatrically.


4. Also during Tina's final nightmare in the alley, after she drops the worms, Freddy toys with her at first by twisting his arms before they grew longer. It was cut for time.

THE CHASE (0:41)

5. When Freddy chases after Tina, it was originally more elaborate. At first, Freddy chases her all the way around the block, and back to where they started again near the back door of the house. It was cut for time, but was said to be the inspiration of the scene in 'The Dream Master' when Alice and Dan continue to run in circles when attempting to escape Freddy.


6. There were several shots of Freddy taken but not used in the film during the scene where Tina pulls his face off. These were cut because they found the one they liked the best and went with it.


7. There were additional angles and version of Tina's death shot showing the stunt woman falling onto the bed. These were removed because Wes Craven and the producers felt the scene was effective enough as it was originally shot.


8. There were a few lines cut from the classroom scene where the student reads from Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'. Originally, when he says, "in the most high and palmy state of Rome", another student interrupts and quips, "California is the most high and palmy state". The teacher (Lin Shaye) then yells "can it!" while the rest of the class laughs.


9. There was extra dialogue between Garcia and Lt. Thompson at the police station the night Rod was arrested. Donald arrives and greets another officer in front of the station, who lights his cigarette and asks him what he's "doing here at this hour". Donald replies, "it's late...I thought I'd break up the poker game". He then heads inside and asks Garcia what's happening. His response: "if it were any more quiet, we could hear owls fart". Donald, matter-of-factly, agrees, saying "it is quiet, isn't it?" Garcia asks about Nancy, and Donald insists she'll be "alright as soon as she gets some sleep".


10. In an extended version of this scene, Nancy is shown arriving at the police station to see Rod. Nancy asks Garcia if her Dad is in, and he promptly yells for him. Nancy then pleads with Donald to let her see Rod. Donald insists he's dangerous, saying "he was locked in a room with a girl who went in alive and came out in a rubber bag". This clip was added to the trailer for the film, but cut from the theatrical print. He relents, and tells her to "make it quick". The scene then plays out mostly the same, picking up where Nancy asks, "and then what happened?". A bit of Rod's dialogue was different, where he talks about "four razors cutting her at the same time...but invisible ones". Clearly distraught, Rod backs away in his cell and says, "she just opened up!". He bangs his head off the wall a couple times and insists he could have saved her. There was also alternate music used in the background during this scene.

ROD'S DEATH (3:30)

11. The scene with Rod's death was originally longer, with extended sequences of Nancy and Glen arriving at the station and demanding to see him. Nancy asks Lt. Thompson, "what are you doing here?" He replies, "I work here. There's an unsolved murder and I don't like unsolved murders...especially ones my daughter is mixed up in". Nancy pleads with him, saying "this is not your average nightmare...damnit!" Donald will have none of that, responding with, "You've already rubbed my nose in sex and drugs, now don't start throwing in insanity". After more begging and pleading from Nancy, Donald relents, and asks Garcia for the keys. Garcia takes longer finding the keys to the cell, and he has to ask one of the other officers where they are. After Rod dies, Donald looks at Nancy and, assuming it was a suicide, asks, "how did you know he was going to do this?" The shots of Rod being hanged also ran slower for dramatic effect, and there was alternate music used for the background, since Charles Bernstein's score was not yet ready.


12. At Rod's funeral, there is a longer conversation about Freddy between Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. Donald asks about Nancy, and how she knew Rod "killed himself". Marge said it reminds her of 10 years ago, and Donald says, "let's not start digging up bodies just because we are in the cemetery".


13. While at the dream clinic, there is a humorous exchange between Marge, Nancy and the doctor. As she is hooked up to the system, the doctor tells her, "don't're not gonna change into Bride of Frankenstein". He then asks Marge if she had any severe childhood illnesses like scarlet fever, high temperatures or concussions. Marge replised, "No, nothing doctor", but Nancy interrupts, saying "he means did you ever drop me on my head?" It was cut because it lightened what should have been a tense moment in the film.


14. In the scene when Nancy and Glen are talking on the bridge, Glen asks Nancy "Where'd you get that?" (referring to her survival book). She replies, "a neat survivalist book store". It was Heather Langenkamp's favorite line in the movie, although it was later cut.


15. In a scene that originally played in the background and we couldn't really hear, there was a more direct dialogue between Marge and Donald on the phone the morning after the dream clinic. You can clearly hear Marge say, "No Donald, she said she grabbed it off his head in her dream", followed by "no I'm not crazy, I'm holding the damn thing here in my hand". Nancy then comes down the stairs and is about to join her in the kitchen when she says, "I don't know where she really found it" followed by a brief pause, and then "I know...we were all there...gotta go". This hints at her hiding more secrets about Krueger.


16. In another version of the same scene, you can clearly hear Marge say, "No Donald, she said she grabbed it off his head in her dream", followed by "no I'm not crazy, I'm holding the damn thing here in my hand. No I don't know where she found it. I know...we were all there together. I gotta go". This time, Nancy doesn't appear on screen until she actually comes into the kitchen. The scene then plays out the same way it did theatrically until Nancy pulls the hat out of the drawer and says, "Fred Krueger, mother, Fred do you know who that is you better tell me because he's after ME now!" After that, the slap that Marge hits Nancy with looks much more fake than the theatrical one. Marge then orders Nancy to go to bed, insisting that she'll better after she gets some sleep. Nancy says, "Screw sleep!" and breaks the bottle of booze, handing her the hat instead of throwing at her and walking away.


17. When Marge is telling Nancy about when the parents burned Freddy, she originally added that she had an older sibling that was killed by Freddy 10 years prior, and so did Rod, Tina, and Glen as well.

GLEN'S ROOM (0:39)

18. Right before his death scene, Glen was shown waking up and checking his watch while lying in bed. He gets up, puts his varsity jacket on, and heads to the window. He looks across the street and doesn't see Nancy, so he says, "I'm not gonna take a chance on sneaking out until she does", and takes his jacket off and gets back in bed.


19. Glen's death originally ran longer. Before the MPAA got ahold of it, his body rises from the fountain of blood and falls limp. There was also an alternate version of this death planned, but never filmed, that saw the bed spit out a jumble of bones after Glen disappears into the bed.


20. There was a bit of dialogue cut between Donald and Walter (Glen's father) following Glen's death. Donald asks him if he can "think of anybody who would do this?" Walter insists its Krueger, but Donald, in denial, tries to convince him it is a "flesh and blood killer". Walter then says, "God's punishing us all", inferring that he and his wife were also involved in Krueger's burning. Donald is then called upstairs by a female officer, who says that "the coroner wants to show you something".


21. In Nancy's last dream sequence before she pulls Freddy out of the dream world, she jumps off the spiral staircase and falls in front of her house. In the cut scene, she originally continued to fall, making it seem like she was flying. Wes Craven planned to use aerial footage from high above Hollywood to give the illusion that she was falling from a great distance.


22. There was a scene cut in the basement showing Nancy referring to her survival book while preparing for Freddy. She gathered up some supplies in a box and carried it (and the sledgehammer) upstairs.


23. Another basement scene cut shows Nancy pouring gasoline into a small container in her preparations for Freddy.


24. An alternate take of the basement scene cut shows a more close-up shot of Nancy as she refers to her survival book and gathers her supplies in a box.


25. During her final confrontation with Freddy, Nancy originally appeared a lot angrier, telling Freddy "this whole thing is just a f*ck off!" There was also different music used in the background, and Freddy's voice was not as menacing when he says, " die!"


26. This ending, filmed in black and white, plays out in a really thick fog, much thicker than what was shown theatrically. The dialogue is nearly the same until Nancy gets picked up at the curb by Glen. There, Tina says "lookin' good, girl" more clearly than before, and they start to drive away. The top never comes down on top of them, and Marge survives and is not grabbed by Freddy. As they pull away in the car, Nancy looks back and says, "bye, mom". Marge stands there on the porch and waves, as the little girls are shown jumping rope and saying the Freddy rhyme as it fades to black.


27. This ending plays out almost the same as the theatrical version. The only difference is that at the end, after Freddy grabs Marge and pulls her through the small window, he is shown driving Glen's car and laughing as the little girls are shown jumping rope and saying the Freddy rhyme.

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