1. Teen #1 (uncredited)- Mentioned as a "suicide" in news report
2. Teen #2 (uncredited)- Mentioned as a "suicide" in news report
3. Phillip (Bradley Gregg)- Veins ripped out, plunged to death from top of hospital
4. Jennifer (Penelope Sudrow)- Head smashed into TV
5. Taryn (Jennifer Rubin)- Blood sucked out by Freddy
6. Will (Ira Heiden)- Clawed in chest
7. Donald Thompson (John Saxon)- Clawed in groin, impaled on back of car
8. Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp)- Clawed in stomach

*NOTE: Kristen encounters a group of teens hung during one of her dreams, but their identities were never confirmed. She is also later scared by a pig that has been stuffed and prepared for dinner, and Freddy beheads her mother with his claw to get her attention, but that only occurred in her dream.

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