1. Coach Schneider (Marshall Bell)- Clawed in the back
2. Grady (Robert Rusler)- Pinned to door with Freddy's claw
3. Partygoer #1 (uncredited)- Clawed in the face
4. Partygoer #2 (uncredited)- Burned to death
5. Partygoer #3 (uncredited)- Trampled to death; neck broken
6. Partygoer #4 (uncredited)- Clawed in the stomach
7. Do-Gooder (Brian Wimmer)- Clawed and burned to death when tossed onto a grill
8. Kerry (Sydney Walsh)- Clawed through back and out chest

*NOTE: There were two parakeets that died when their cage was covered in the intense heat of the living room and a rat was eaten by a mutant cat at the factory where Freddy worked.

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