1. When Chase scares Dylan with the puppet, the hand doesn't have a puppet on it.

2. The picture frame in Heather's room was already broken long before it fell during the earthquake.

3. Right after the second aftershock when Heather sees the three cracks appear in the wall she runs down the stairs and is wearing only black nylons on her feet. When she bends over to hug Dylan she is seen wearing powder blue slippers; then in the next shot after she comes back from calling Jason at the door, the slippers are gone again.

4. During the scene in which we see Freddy phone Heather/Nancy at her home after Chase leaves, the sounds of hanging up the phone do not match what Heather/Nancy is doing. Also, Freddy's voice, saying "Freddy's coming for you!", is still heard a split second after the phone is hung up.

5. When Heather hangs up on the prank phone call the second time, it goes off the hook. However, a moment later, it is back on the receiver and rings a third time.

6. Why would there be lamps on in the house in the daytime?

7. There is no way Robert Englund could have gotten all his old Freddy makeup off that fast after the TV show.

8. At the New Line Cinema office, Heather asks for black coffee. However, when she gets it, it has cream in it.

9. When Heather sees Chase pulling out of the driveway, if she really wanted his attention, she could have ran out onto the sidewalk. Surely he would have seen her in the rearview mirror.

10. When Heather comes back inside, you can see a white card and part of the crew in the door windows.

11. The police would not have responded to Heather's house that quickly following Chase's crash, no matter how big a celebrity she was.

12. When Chase was carved up by Freddy, there was blood everywhere. But later when Heather goes to see his body, the white sheet over him is perfectly clean. Shouldn't it be covered in blood?

13. Why wouldn't Chase have a cell phone on him if he was making that long of a trip, in case of emergency?

14. When the coroner tucks Chase's arm back in, you can clearly see that there is no evidence that he was clawed.

15. At the funeral, Chase's casket would have been sealed and would not have broken open so easily.

16. At the funeral, Heather is knocked unconscious and has a nightmare about Freddy getting Dylan, and Chase coming back to life. However, people knocked unconscious by a head injury do not dream.

17. According to the radio report, there were 7 earthquakes that week. How can that be, when there were 5 earthquakes in two weeks, plus the one at the funeral. Last time I checked, 5 + 1 equals 6.

18. Why wouldn't Heather bandage her bruise, or go to the hospital after the funeral?

19. At the playground, when John and Heather are talking, they look right at Dylan, who is perched atop the rocket. A moment later, they look at him and act surprised. Why would they be surprised? They saw him only two seconds earlier while they were talking.

20. When Dylan jumps off the rocket ship at the playground, look closely. The shot clearly goes from Dylan to a stunt double, which is a full grown man. This is even more evident when he lands on Heather.

21. When Heather talks to Robert Englund on the telephone, a white card and part of the crew is reflected on her door window as they hang up.

22. When Julie punches out the head nurse, she is knocked out-cold onto the floor. The second nurse runs out the door screaming, afraid of the syringe. Yet somehow, the head nurse ends up outside the door trying to get back inside.

23. At the hospital, when Julie is killed, the trail of blood changes between shots as Freddy drags her up the wall.

24. When the nurse (played by Wes Craven's daughter) talks to the doctor about Heather, her hands are down. But, in the next shot, they are up.

25. What are the odds of having two burned, abandoned vehicles at the same time?

26. Why would Heather leave her house unlocked at the end? She just walks right in.

27. There was no way the Lt. Thompson character could have been LAPD after being diminished to a lowly security guard (and dying) in 'Dream Warriors'.

28. Same goes for Heather. Her character Nancy also died in 'Dream Warriors'. How could she come back?

29. As Heather watches Freddy reach into the furnace from behind, Freddy is grabbing at Dylan in an upside-down fashion, but in the next shot, Freddy is leaning on his front.

30. What are the odds that Freddy would pull the knife out of his leg and throw it with pinpoint accuracy to the top of the script? (Only Jason is that accurate HAHA.)

31. In the final scene, Heather flips to the end of the script. In the next shot she's at the beginning of the script, then in the shot after that she's back at the end and flips to the front.

32. At the end after Heather and Dylan escape, she finds the script lying on the floor. On the script, it says Dylan (OS) "Is it a story?" then says Dylan "Is it a story?" This means Dylan would have asked her twice if it was a story. However, he only says it once.

33. Also with the script, Heather is supposed to answer "It's a story." Instead, she answers, "Yeah, it's a story."

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