1. How are all the Elm Street kids killed? And what became of Alice? Some sequel continuity would be nice.

2. In the beginning, you can tell the lightning storm is fake and that the airplane is a miniature.

3. In the scrapbook at the school, two pictures are exactly the same on the same page. On the left side, it says "Brook Yeaton," and on the right upper corner, the exact same picture appears, and it says "Young Boy Missing."

4. You can tell the house is a fake model when it transforms into Freddy's house.

5. During Carlos's nightmare sequence, Freddy cuts off Carlos's ear. The ear reappears and disappears in subsequent shots.

6. During the blackboard scene with Carlos, you can clearly see that Freddy's claw has plastic or rubber tips on them.

7. When Freddy sticks the Q-tip in Carlos' ear, you can tell it is a mannequin.

8. When Freddy is dropping the needles from above, we see Carlos reaching up with two arms, but in the close-up, he's bending down covering his ears.

9. After Freddy gives Carlos his hearing aid back, Carlos puts it back in the opposite ear! No wonder the guy was deaf.

10. After Carlos' head explodes, only a fake-looking mannequin is left behind. They could have done better than that.

11. You can tell the entire Spencer TV scene was fake. There are colored stage lights noticeable right before he is pulled into the TV when "In A Gadda Da Vida" is playing.

12. Spencer's TV was supposed to fill with blood. Instead, it fills with some black fluid.

13. When Freddy is playing the video game teasing Spencer, he alternates between having one foot up on the edge of the table and both legs crossed in the middle of the table between shots.

14. The harness that picks Spencer up is visible on his chest in the close-up of him bouncing across the living room.

15. When Spencer is almost falling off the edge of the stairs (and the ledge in Freddy's video game), in his shadow you can clearly see the cord attached to his harness holding him up.

16. There is an additional shot or two of the fake house throughout the movie.

17. When John is falling, you can tell he isn't really falling and that it is merely a special effect. You would think with $5 million, they could have done something with this film.

18. John falls hundreds of feet and lands on the bed of spikes. When he's in the real world, the suit that shows the spikes is clearly visible.

19. When John is dying, you can obviously tell that he has some sort of padding under his shirt and that's where the blood is coming from, because it looks like someone stuffed a pillow under his shirt, it's all lumpy and fake looking (Sent in by Marcy Baldwin).

20. Why would Freddy kill his wife in broad daylight?

21. Also in that scene, when Freddy is shaking her, you can tell he is shaking a mannequin dummy.

22. When Freddy appears to Tracy disguised as her father and he turns his glove into a buzzsaw, the wires for the fake Freddy arm are visible. You can also see Robert Englund's right arm sticking down, in front.

23. When Tracy confronts Freddy (disguised as her father), look closely. When the father's arm turns back into Freddy's, you can tell they were two different people, as it was noticeable when Robert Englund reached his arm around the father.

24. When young Freddy is getting ready to smash the gerbil, you can clearly see him sneak it off the table as he puts it down.

25. When Freddy does a cartwheel, you can see a white undershirt underneath his sweater. Since when does he wear one?

26. When Freddy cuts off his fingers, you can tell they aren't his real fingers. If you look closely, you will even notice him set the arm down afterward.

27. If Freddy was so powerless in the real world, then how did he manage to change his appearance to fool Maggie?

28. When Maggie and Freddy finally meet, there is a shot that looks like they are circling each other, sizing each other up. You can tell its just a camera on a swivel being moved around them. The actors never move at all, but perhaps that was intended.

29. The three dream demons are obviously fake, and cheap computer-generated models. (They got $5 million, and they produce THAT?)

30. The lightning and the entire sequence in Freddy's brain was noticeably computer-generated.

31. When Freddy and Maggie fight at the end, Maggie breaks his fingers. However, not even a moment later, his fist is clenched again, and he backhands Maggie away.

32. When Maggie/Katherine wakes up from her last dream, the 3-D glasses can be seen lying on her stomach for a second before she moves.

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