1. During the opening titles, while Kristen is making the model of the Elm Street house, the color of her pajamas changes between shots.

2. In the beginning, Kristen is shown pulling out a whole spoonful of coffee out of the coffee jar, however, in the very next scene before she puts it in her mouth, you can see that there's nothing on the spoon.

3. After Kristen wakes up in front of Freddy's house, you can see the children jumping rope and singing the rhymes. However, none of the children's' mouths are moving.

4. When Kristen sees the little girl, she tells her her name is "Kirsten."

5. When Kristen holds the little girl, you can tell it's a baby doll.

6. When Kristen encounters the roast pig on the table, if you look close, you can see the shadow of the cameraman.

7. When Kristen is observing the pig on a platter, the initial shot shows an apple stuffed into its mouth. However, when it jumps out at her, the pig's mouth is empty.

8. When Freddy appears as a snake, you can tell it's mechanical.

9. In the first scene he is introduced, Joey has a tear drawn on his face just below his eye, which is not seen again, nor explained during the rest of the movie (or 'The Dream Master' for that matter).

10. When Will gets put into bed, watch him. He moves his legs. I thought he was paralyzed?

11. As Max lifts up Will to bed, we see the bottoms of Will's socks. How can the bottoms of Will's socks be so dirty and have weight-on feet marks if he can't walk?

12. When Max is putting the inmates to bed, he goes to turn the lights off. When he does that, notice the light switch. It is already down, but the lights still turn off.

13. When Freddy first appears in Phillip's puppet, you can tell it is noticeably fake.

14. There is no way the little slices Freddy did to Phillip would open up his veins like they did.

15. When Kristen pulls Nancy into her dream of the Freddy snake, Nancy passes out and falls into a chair that has nothing on it. When Nancy awakes, startled, the chair now has one pillow as a headrest and another at her right side.

16. When Freddy's arms come out of the TV set and lift Jennifer into the air, one of her slippers can be seen falling off her foot. However, when Max comes in and sees her body hanging from the TV, both slippers are still on her feet.

17. If they are in Ohio, why doesn't Neal have an Ohio license plate on his truck?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Neal just moved there to work at Westin Hills and didn't yet transfer his plates.

18. When Freddy scratches "Come and Get Him, Bitch" on Joey's stomach, you can tell it is sketched on him and not sliced into his chest.

19. The entire fight at the salvage yard is really fake. Just look close at the poor quality of the dubbing and splicing. It's terrible.

20. When Joey screams "No!" and all the mirrors shatter, don't you think they all would have been cut?

21. In the junkyard, they park the truck and turn off the lights. A short while later, the lights are back on again when Thompson is trying to get back into the truck. How could he do that without the keys?

22. When Freddy's skeleton comes alive in the junkyard, the skeleton has the claw on its right hand, which is not possible because he was not buried with his claw. It was removed by Marge Thompson and stored in their wood stove. She says to Nancy "I took his claw" then shows her in the original film. This was then discovered by Jesse in 'Freddy's Revenge'.

23. When Lt. Thompson is killed, pay attention. He is launched next to the Cadillac, but in the next shot, he is miraculously impaled by it.

24. When Neal scatters the bones, he just pushes them into the grave. An instant later, they appear to be organized very neatly inside the grave.

25. Nancy's streak of gray hair is seen on the right side, when it was on the left side in the original film.

26. When Freddy grabs Will and is about to stab him, you can clearly see the wires holding Will up.

27. In the scene where Will is dreaming that he is the "Wizard Master" (right before he actually transforms into the Wizard Master), you can easily see the cable which pulls the demonic wheelchair down the hallway toward Will.

28. In the TV version, in the scene where the nurse seduces Joey, the nurse has a bra on instead of being topless. However, throughout the scene you can see shoulder shots that show she has no bra straps that they used from the theatrical version. It flips between bra and no bra throughout the scene.

29. When Freddy is attacking Taryn in the alley, he shoves both of his needle hands into her arms. In the next shot, he is shown inserting his left hand into her arm again.

30. In the alley scene with Taryn, Freddy's claw is clearly missing a blade on one of the fingers.

31. When the room starts to change and get hot, Kristen is heard screaming, "This isn't real!" but her mouth doesn't even move.

32. When Freddy and Kristen are fighting in the boiler room, there are some barrels full of bones. These later disappear.

33. After Nancy is stabbed, Kristen runs at Freddy and receives an uppercut. There is a smacking sound audible, but Freddy can visibly be seen missing her.

34. When Nancy is fighting Freddy and lets go when he lights up, she falls to the right side, but in the next shot she falls to the floor on the left side next to Kristen.

35. When Kristen is holding Nancy's dead body, you can clearly see her breathing and blinking.

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