1. There is a misspelling in the opening credits. As they run through the names, look when "Executive Producers" come up. It is spelled "Excutive Producers".

2. When Dean puts his hand up to block Freddy's claw, he gets slashed across the hand. However, when he wakes up and bandages it, there is only one slice instead of four.

3. When Kristen is sitting in her chair at Dean's funeral, she is wearing diamond studs in her second piercing and no earrings in her first. However, when she gets up to look at the pictures, the studs are now in her first hole.

4. The infamous wall attack scene above Nancy's bed is obviously CGI. In the original, they actually made the wall flexible and had Robert Englund lean through it. Just a case of bad CGI replacing classic ingenuity.

5. When Kristen goes to the attic, you see a box, on top of another one, labeled "Summer 1997". When it flips to her, the box, on the front, says "Summer 1996", and as the camera angles switch, it flips between the two.

6. When Kristen's mother leaves for London, look closely. As they say goodbye, there is clearly a boom microphone visible in the front doorway of their house.

7. When Jesse runs out of Kristen's room, he grabs his pants and shoes. In the next scene, when he runs out of the house, he is wearing them without having taken the time to stop and put them on.

8. When the police arrest Jesse, they handcuff him, put him in the police car, and take him to the police station. That is not the proper procedure. The arresting officer should have read him his Miranda rights first, then explain to him what he's being arrested for.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps this was one of the town's ways of keeping it silent. By hauling him away without reading him his rights, it prevents anyone else in the neighborhood from hearing what was going on.

9. When Nancy and Quentin are talking in the school, between shots Quentin's jumper moves so that 'Joy Division' is fully visible on his T-shirt. However, when the camera moves back to the position it was before, the jumper has moved back, so that you can only see 'Y Divis'.

10. During the scene with Freddy and Jesse in the boiler room, the CGI work on the left side of Freddy's face is obvious. There are green spots were the CG work should be. After that, during different spots in the film, you can see green dots on Freddy's face at different times, representing the CGI work.

11. Also during that scene, as Freddy drags his claws across the wall, his lips can be seen moving, but no words can be heard, suggesting there was supposed to be a line, but it was dropped. Just bad editing.

12. When Jesse gets Freddy's glove and arm jammed through his body, he falls down on the floor of his prison cell and you can see there's no wound on his back. Even his shirt is still intact. His cell mate does not even wipe off the blood that hit him.

13. When Quentin answers Nancy's phone call, you can clearly see the main screen instead of the blue in-call sequence. Later, he presses the phone closer against his face and the application screen appears.

14. When Nancy and Quentin are researching Freddy and dreams, they read an excerpt from "The Springwood Times". According to the original series, the town's newspaper is called "The Springwood Gazette".

15. When Gwen Holbrook explains to Nancy and Quentin about their past with Krueger, she says how good Freddy was with the kids. That is far from the truth, dating back to the original series. He was never good with kids.

16. Also in that scene, she refers to Freddy as the gardener. In fact, according to the original series, Freddy was never a gardener. He was the janitor. Another case of the writers taking liberties they had no business messing with.

17. How can this truly be called "A Nightmare On Elm Street" when Badham Pre-School wasn't even on Elm Street and all the students didn't even live on Elm Street? This is more like, "Nightmare In Springwood".

18. If Marcus Yeon died during his last video blog, how could he have posted his own death?

EXPLANATION: In the script, Marcus says "clicking the auto-upload button", which makes it possible that it uploaded right after the video ended.

19. After Nancy is attacked in the drug store, her mother and the hospital personnel are focused on the cigarette burn on her arm, and not the slash marks caused by Krueger, as they believed she was self-mutilating.

20. When Quentin and Nancy stop at the gas station at the end, signs in front the station says they accept Link, the Illinois government assistance program, where the movie was filmed. However, Springwood is supposed to take place in Ohio, where they do not have the Link program. Theirs is called WIC.

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