1. When the bus loses control early in the beginning, look closely. The sky goes from being blue to being gray in two different shots.

2. The whole sequence on the bus is noticeably fake. If you examine it, you'll see the fake lightning and the miniature toy bus used. You can also notice a red light on the set shining onto the nearby rocks. What can I say? It's 80's special effects at their worst.

3. In the opening scene, the text on the school bus varies between SCHOOLBUS and SCHOOL BUS.

4. In the opening scene, the kids on the bus are seen standing up and walking towards the door while the bus is still moving. However, in the next shot, they are all sitting down until the bus stops.

5. In the opening scene when the bus is coming down the street, one of the crew members is visible walking back and forth behind a tree on the left side of the screen.

6. When Jesse and Grady are playing baseball in gym class, look close. When Grady is batting, he connects on a hard ground ball. However, Jesse is hit by a LINE DRIVE only moments later! Listen real close when Grady makes contact. There is another thump, indicating the ball hit the ground. I imagine that's why the editors cut away really fast.

7. When Jesse and Grady are fighting on the baseball field and Coach Schneider starts to walk over, in the background you can see the guy wearing the baseball mitt behind the coach. However, in the next shot you can see him encouraging Jesse and Grady to keep fighting.

8. When Jesse opens the drawer to find Freddy's glove moving, he looks right at the camera for a split second before continuing acting.

9. When Jesse opens the refrigerator, he spills the orange juice on the floor. However, he comes back later on (while everyone else was still asleep), and the orange juice is cleaned up.

10. Also at the refrigerator, Jesse walks away, leaving the door open. Who would do that?

11. During the close-up shot of Freddy's eyes, they appear to be yellow and red. However, they don't appear that way for the rest of the movie.

12. The biology teacher talks about the heart, but obviously throws another organ (a liver, perhaps) onto the desk. Whatever it was, it surely wasn't a heart.

13. In the cafeteria, when Kerry and Lisa are getting their trays, Kerry has a carton of milk with her burger and cake. But when she sits down after that, the milk has been replaced by a big glass of soda.

14. Watch closely when the vinyl record melts in Jesse's room. The camera is slowed down to slow motion when that happens.

15. When Jesse goes down into the basement, there are two bins and a hose neatly tucked away as he passes by. However, when he hurries back through, he trips and falls over them.

16. When Jesse's sister shows him the "Fu Man Fingers" they jump from her left hand to her right between shots. Also, the cereal box she pulled the fingers out of was on the table before she pulled them out. Then, in the next shot, the box is in her hand as she pulls the fingers out.

17. What are the odds that Freddy's glove AND Nancy's diary would be left behind, and still be there after five years?

18. When Jesse and Lisa are reading Nancy's diary, look closely. All the pages are blank.

19. If it was 97 degrees in their living room as Ken said, why would they cover the birdcage with a BROWN cloth? That color cloth would only absorb the heat. In fact, why did they cover it at all?

20. When the out-of-control bird scratches Ken on its fly-by, there was no way that it scratched him with enough force to knock him over.

21. Since when do birds explode?

22. You can tell at various times during the movie that the "lightning" was merely a flash of white light on the set.

23. Why would Coach Schneider take Jesse to the gym at that time of night? Don't you think he would punish Jesse the next day in class?

24. When the tennis balls are being shot at Coach Schneider and the tennis rackets come apart, look closely. Right behind the tennis rackets on the wall, you can see the heating element that's lighting up and burning the strings in two.

25. The tennis balls popping open would NOT sound like gunfire.

26. When Coach Schneider is getting nailed by basketballs and volleyballs, one of the balls flies out, smacks him in the head and then bounces on the floor. In one shot it is a volleyball, but in another it is a basketball.

27. Coach Schneider is supposedly stripped naked before he is whipped. However, in one shot he goes from being naked to still wearing pants. This is only noticeable in full-frame video versions.

28. During Coach Schneider's death scene where he is being dragged out of his office and towards the showers, you can see a clear, plastic string under his left arm pulling him.

29. There are towel marks visible on Coach Schneider's posterior before the first strike.

30. Also at the gym, Jesse works up quite a sweat running laps. However, when he goes in the shower, he's not sweaty at all.

31. When Jesse and his family are discussing the Thompson's, Jesse says that "her mother killed herself in our living room." Marge Thompson actually was killed by Freddy in her bedroom, NOT the living room.

32. When Ken takes the bars off of the windows, why would he NOT take them off of the door window as well?

33. When Jesse and Lisa are getting intimate in the cabana, and the monstrous tongue emerges from Jesse, you can obviously tell the tongue is fake. The tongue looked like a synthetic rubber or plastic, but it wasn't even close to looking like a real tongue.

34. When Freddy's claw surfaces from Jesse's hand, you can tell it's obviously fake, like a lot of the effects in this movie.

35. Toward the end of the film when Freddy tackles Lisa in the hallway of her house and bites her leg, you can clearly see that it's not Kim Myers who kicks him in the face, but her stunt double.

36. The whole morphing scene was really fake too. For that time period, the effects could have been a lot better. You can tell that Jesse's body is plastic or rubber, and it's most noticeable when Freddy climbs out.

37. Also, if Freddy was re-born through Jesse and he sliced open Jesse's stomach, wouldn't Jesse be dead too?

38. It should have been a lot harder to impale Grady to the door the way Freddy did. It's like he put his claw through butter, and then the door. It should have taken longer to get his claw the whole way through, and there should have been a LOT more blood.

39. At the party, when all the beer begins to explode, notice that most of the beers were already opened, so they shouldn't have exploded.

40. When Freddy crashes through the doors and outside to the pool, look close. You can clearly see that the doors break too cleanly, and glass doesn't go everywhere like it should.

41. There are various times throughout the movie when you see palm trees. Like Part 1, since when are there palm trees in Ohio?

42. The mutated dog or whatever it is that Lisa encounters at the factory is misplaced. You can tell it's fake, and what is it there for to begin with? It served no purpose.

43. Why would Jesse ride the bus to school when he has a car?

44. Since when is there a desert in Ohio?

45. In every scene filmed in the basement of Jesse's house, the basement door opens into the room. During the last scene in the room, the camera pans to the door but it opens out into the hall.

46. During the final fight in the boiler room, a liquid can clearly be seen coated on the pipes before they go up in flames.

47. Also during that scene, it seems that the fire just appears out of nowhere. Who started it, or did it magically appear from one of the boilers, which were supposed to be cold?

48. During the end scene of the movie on the school bus, Jesse and Lisa begin to scream before Freddy's glove even comes out of Kerry's stomach.

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