1. Whenever Freddy appears to be coming through the wall in Nancy's room, look closely. Nancy knocks on the wall. Wouldn't Rod and Tina be able to hear that knock, thus preventing Tina's death?

2. In the full-screen version of the DVD, right before Freddy pops up to scare Tina, you can clearly see Robert Englund as Freddy crouched down and moving into place behind her.

3. Freddy intimidates Tina by slicing off his own pinkie and ring finger, but blood only spurts from the pinkie.

4. In the scene when Freddy kills Tina, there is a part where the bad film editing is noticeable. Whenever Freddy appears from behind a tree, look closely. You can clearly see the poor editing.

5. Also in that scene, when Freddy jumps out, his glove is on his left hand. Freddy is actually right handed. This happens several times in the film.

6. Whenever Freddy cuts off his own fingers to scare Tina, you can clearly see that it is a fake arm being held up to cut.

7. When Tina is killed, her shirt is ripped open and her chest is cut by Freddy's four blades. In the next shot, she is pulled up the wall then onto the ceiling and her shirt is buttoned up again.

8. Whenever Rod flees the house that night, he is covered in blood. However, the next day, when he gets arrested, there is a lot less blood on him.

9. Since when are there palm trees in Ohio?

10. The student who gets up to read the passage from 'Julius Caesar' in class is not the same person who was sitting there a few seconds earlier. It was actually Don Hannah, brother of actress Daryl Hannah, who was also credited as 'Surfer #2' in the film.

11. Since when are body bags clear?

12. The blood that gets left behind by Tina's body bag is black. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't blood red? Also, there is entirely too much blood there to be an accurate trail of blood.

13. Why would there be that many leaves inside the school?

14. Notice that when Glen climbs the rose trellis to visit Nancy, he is barefoot! Why would he be dumb enough to do that, and where is the blood on his feet?

15. If Nancy truly burnt her arm on a scalding pipe, there would be more than just a light red mark on her arm. There would be a deeper, darker burn.

16. Also, when Nancy burned her arm, she burned it on the outside. Later, when she looks at it after leaving school, the burn is on the inside.

17. Whenever the insect climbs out of Tina's mouth, look closely. You can tell it's a mannequin.

18. When Nancy encounters Freddy in the boiler room and he slices his stomach open, his body is not burned or scarred. How can that be, when he was supposedly burned to death by the parents of Elm Street?

19. Whenever Lt. Thompson is trying to convince Nancy to move on and forget about Tina, look closely. The part in Nancy's hair changes sides.

20. When Nancy is by the bush with Rod, his hand and chest are covered with blood, but when he runs out and is surrounded by the police, which is supposed to be moments later, his chest is clean.

21. Right before Rod is killed, Nancy asks Glen to stay awake and watch her in her dream. In that dream, you can clearly see that the moonlight is fake.

22. When Freddy uses the bed sheet to strangle Rod, look closely as the sheet goes around his neck. If you look at the edge of the sheet, you will see the wire sticking out that was used to tangle the sheet.

23. After Rod gets killed and they have the burial service, why would they then go to the church? Normally, services are held at the church first, then at the cemetery.

24. When Nancy is in the bathtub, the position of the blue pillow behind her changes from high behind her head with her arms on her chest, to very low with her arms on her stomach.

25. When Nancy is pulled underwater in her bathtub, it is an obvious stunt double. You can even see the double's blond hair. Heather Langenkamp embarrassingly admits this on the audio commentary of the DVD, saying, "That is not me!"

26. When Glen is watching over Nancy while she sleeps, the lamp is turned off, darkening the entire room. However, when she wakes up screaming, her bedroom light is turned on, lighting the entire room.

27. Before Nancy goes to sleep, when Glen is supposed to be watching her, her blue phone is on the left side of her bed, next to the chair. However, when she wakes up screaming, it's on the right.

28. When Nancy jumps out of the boiler room and lands on her lawn, you can clearly see a crash mat breaking her fall.

29. When Nancy wakes up out of that dream and yells at Glen, look at her windows. It appears to be daylight. However, when Glen goes back outside, it is total darkness again.

30. During her nightmare in the dream clinic, Nancy pulls Freddy's hat out of her dream and into reality. Later, during Nancy's final nightmare, Freddy grabs her suddenly, and for that one brief shot is wearing his hat again, then remains hatless for the rest of the film.

31. When Nancy rips the phone out the wall and wraps it up, she places it on the bed. After she opens the bedroom door, the position of the phone, pillow and phone cable all change.

32. When Freddy crashes through Nancy's mirror, Nancy should have had various cuts all over her body from that broken glass.

33. The book that Nancy shows Glen on the bridge has a misspelled title on it. It reads "Booby Traps and Anti-Personel Devices." It should read, "Booby Traps and Anti-Personnel Devices."

34. In a wide shot of the Thompson house, the front door window bars are different than the close-up of Nancy on her porch. The closer shot shows a heart shaped design rather than the three-bar pattern of the wide shot.

35. When Glen's parents come inside the house, they leave the front door wide open. And after Glen's father hangs up the phone on Nancy, they go upstairs without shutting the door.

36. When Glen is just about to be killed, the radio announcer in the background says that "it's twelve midnight". But when he is being dragged down into the bed by Freddy, the clock beside his bed shows 11:52.

37. The infamous fountain of blood in Glen's death is way more blood than would have been in Glen's body.

38. When Nancy is about to go home and prepare for Freddy, she tells her dad to come break down the door and get Freddy in 20 minutes. In that short amount of time, she managed to set up all those booby traps, have a heart-to-heart talk with her mother and then fall asleep and get Freddy. How is that even possible?

39. When Nancy sets the booby traps for Freddy, the "explosive lamp" she prepared is different from shot-to-shot, and totally different when it actually explodes.

40. When Nancy runs up the stairs, the camera shows a close up of her feet sinking into the "goo" stairs. If you look closely, you can see exactly where she going to put her feet as the "goo" pots are clearly visible.

41. When Nancy checks her watch, look closely. She is wearing a short-sleeved nightgown. However, in the closeup, it is long-sleeved.

42. When Nancy's watch counts down the final 10 seconds, look closely. Twice during the last 10 seconds, the watch counts it down in slow motion.

43. When Nancy comes out of her dream with Freddy, she hits Freddy with a coffee pot. How could she do that, if her mother took away that coffee pot, and the other one was hidden under her nightstand?

44. Also, when Nancy first comes out of her dream, the coffee pot is full. When she hits Freddy with it, it is empty.

45. After bringing Freddy into the real world, Nancy runs down to the front door and breaks the window. Watch closely as she does. You can clearly see the cracks in the window already there so that it would make it easier for her to break.

46. When Freddy falls down the stairs, you can clearly see that he falls onto a mattress.

47. Also in that scene, one of the razor blades from Freddy's claws breaks off. Yet, in the next scene, the blade is back on his finger.

EXPLANATION: This was clearly a case of the fake claw breaking during the stunt.

48. When Freddy is on fire in the basement, you can hear him scream, yet his mouth remains closed.

49. When Freddy catches on fire, it is obviously a stuntman wearing a fireproof mask and suit.

50. When Nancy's mother disappears into the bed, you can clearly see the pillows change position and size. They go higher up the bed.

51. In the last scene, the girls jumping rope change places between shots, singing "One, two, Freddy's coming for you".

52. When Nancy's mother is pulled through the window at the end of the film, it is an obvious a dummy was used.

53. In the promotional poster, you can see Freddy's glove is left handed above Nancy, as his left thumb is clearly seen. In the movie, he is right handed.

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