Film Total: 32
Series Total: 142

1. Kicked in groin
2. Shoved twice
3. Bludgeoned 12 times with coffee pot
4. Kicked in the face
5. Kicked in the gut
6. Kicked in the arm
7. Kicked in the face
8. Tripped by legsweep
9. Arm bent backward
10. Struck in face with baseball bat twice
11. Kicked in face
12. Beat with baseball bat 5 times
13. Cuts off own thumb
14. Cuts off own index finger
15. Cuts off own middle finger
16. Nailed in face with pipe
17. Spiked bat to the back
18. Spiked bat to the hand, glove knocked off
19. Headbutted in the forehead
20. Clawed in the face twice
21. Tackled, wrestled to ground
22. Bit on nose
23. Fingers broken
24. Arm pinned to wall by knife
25. Leg pinned to wall by ninja star
26. Pinned to wall by 3 knives
27. Arm pinned to wall by ninja star
28. Arrow shot into leg by crossbow
29. Hand and chest impaled by crowbar
30. Clawed in stomach
31. Dynamite stick to stomach
32. Exploded by dynamite stick

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