1. What was the name of the article featuring Amy in the beginning of the film?

2. What was the name of the newspaper where Amy worked?

3. Where was the Deader cult located?

4. What was Marla's apartment number?

5. What was the mission of the Deader cult?

6. Where was the subway station where Amy first saw Winter?

7. According to Charles, what is the origin of the word demon?

8. What was Amy's biggest fear?

9. Why was Winter obsessed with Amy?

10. What was significant about Winter?


1. Amy's article was titled, 'How To Be A Crack Whore'.
2. Amy worked for 'The London Underground'.
3. The Deader cult was located in Bucharest, Romania.
4. Marla lived in apartment number 11.
5. The Deader cult set out to find immortality through reviving recently deceased souls.
6. Amy saw Winter at subway station M4- Gara De Nord.
7. According to Charles, the word demon is derived from the Greek word for knowledge.
8. Amy's biggest fear was her abusive father.
9. Winter wanted Amy because he wanted someone to join the cult to solve the puzzle box and gain its powers.
10. Winter was a direct descendant of Phillip Lemarchand, inventor of the Lament Configuration.

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