1. What was the license plate on Trevor's car?

2. What was the name of the place where Trevor worked?

3. What was the apartment number where Trevor lived?

4. What was on the business card that Trevor found?

5. What was Trevor's "gift" to Kirsty?

6. What was Bret's solution for Trevor to help with his stress?

7. What did Detective Givens think was Trevor's motivation for killing Kirsty?

8. What was Kirsty's real deal with the Cenobites?

9. What was found in Trevor's throat when his body was pulled out of the river?

10. What was unique about three of the people in Trevor's dreams?


1. The license plate on Trevor's car was '879-GMH'.
2. Trevor worked at the 'Cubic Rate Actuarial Research' facility.
3. Trevor lived in apartment number 202.
4. The business card said, 'All Problems Solved'.
5. Trevor's gift to Kirsty was the Lament Configuration puzzle box.
6. Bret sent Trevor to get acupuncture to relieve his stress.
7. Detective Givens thought that Trevor killed Kirsty for her sizable inheritance.
8. Kirsty's deal with the Cenobites was five souls in exchange for her own.
9. An eel was found in Trevor's throat when his body was pulled out of the river.
10. Three of the people in Trevor's dreams were actually first responders at the accident scene.

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