1. What was the name of the asylum where Kirsty was taken?

2. According to Dr. Channard, all diagnosis begins with...what?

3. What was Kirsty's room number at the asylum?

4. What bloody message did Frank write on Kirsty's wall to get her attention?

5. How many puzzle boxes did Channard have stored at his home?

6. What was Tiffany's chief talent?

7. What was used to lure Tiffany into hell's labyrinth?

8. According to Julia, why was she sent back to Earth?

9. What was Kirsty's reasoning for going back to hell?

10. What was the name of the moving company that handled Channard's estate?


1. The asylum was the Channard Institute.
2. According to Dr. Channard, all diagnosis begins with...examination.
3. Kirsty was in room number 107 at the Channard Institute.
4. Frank's bloody message was, "I AM IN HELL...HELP ME".
5. Channard stored three puzzle boxes at his home.
6. Tiffany's chief talent was to solve puzzles.
7. Tiffany was lured into hell's labyrinth through the 'Carnival Arcade'.
8. According to Julia, she was sent back by Leviathan to fetch more souls.
9. Kirsty mistakenly went back to hell thinking she could save her father.
10. 'Drew's Moving Co.' handled Channard's estate.

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