1. What did Julia find in Frank's belongings upon arriving at the new house?

2. What secret was held between Julia and Frank?

3. What happened to Larry as he was helping move a mattress into his home?

4. How did Frank re-emerge from hell?

5. What was the address of the Cotton House?

6. Where did Kirsty work?

7. In what city did the Cotton's used to live?

8. The painting on the wall of the Cotton House was created by what artist?

9. During Kirsty's dream, what symbolized the Cenobites' return to earth?

10. What was unique about the lament configuration puzzle box?


1. Julia found Frank's collection of sexually explicit photos.
2. Julia and Frank had an affair prior to Julia's wedding to Larry.
3. Larry cut his hand on a protruding nail while moving a mattress.
4. Larry spilled his blood on the floor where Frank was taken to hell.
5. The Cotton House address was 55 Ludovico Place.
6. Kirsty worked at a pet store.
7. The Cotton's used to live in Brooklyn.
8. The painting at the Cotton House was by William Carlos Williams.
9. A flower in bloom was shown in Kirsty's dream.
10. Solving the puzzle box unlocks hell and the owner is taken for eternity.

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