Charles: "I expect nothing but brilliance in 5000 words...or less..."

Joey: "Once you get mixed up with him, chances never get loose..."

Joey: "You've got this f*cked up, self-destructive thing going on..."

Winter: "You're in more danger than you ever imagined possible..."

Winter: "You opened the I need you to take the next step..."

Pinhead: "You have been recruited as a soldier in another man's war...a war that he can never win..."

Pinhead: "I am your redeemer...I am the way!"

Joey: "We're all just pieces in Winter's puzzle..."

Amy: "Fear is where you go to learn..."

Winter: "Let all the pain go...It is time for you to finish your journey..."

Pinhead: "It seems that evil does run in the family..."

Pinhead: "When you attempted to live beyond death, you entered into my domain..."

Pinhead: "You should be very careful what you wish for..."

Pinhead: "Your soul is mine...and mine alone!"

Pinhead: "There is no way back but through me!"

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