Matt: Won't the producers ever learn that direct-to-DVD sequels based on unrelated scripts just do NOT work. 'Deader' was a very interesting story in itself, but come on, sell it to NBC or FX or something. Don't try to pawn it off on the paying customer, the fiercely loyal fanbase that made the franchise what it is. Beyond the fact that this movie had no business with 'Hellraiser' in the title, I really dug the cult and the undertones of cheating death. If it didn't have the 'Hellraiser' reputation to uphold, I might have rated it a lot higher, much like 'Halloween III: Season Of The Witch' (1982). At this point in the series, it was painfully obvious that Miramax was churning out these sequels merely to bastardize the brand and milk every last cent that they could out of it. To its credit, the acting wasn't that bad. Kari Wuhrer was believable as Amy Klein, and Doug Bradley was masterful once again, when Pinhead was actually on the screen. It is so sad that Hollywood has zero creativity nowadays to come up with a sequel we could actually watch. Time after time after time, we are instead force-fed pieces of crap like this. 1 out of 10.


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