Christopher Young- The Hellraiser Theme
Christopher Young- Resurrection
Christopher Young- The Cenobites
Christopher Young- Uncle Frank
Christopher Young- Another Puzzle
Christopher Young- Hellbound
Christopher Young- Skin Her Alive
Christopher Young- Stringing The Puppet
Christopher Young- Leviathan
Christopher Young- Sketch With Fire
Randy Miller- Hell On Earth
Randy Miller- Cenobites' Death Danse
Randy Miller- Gothic Rebirth
Randy Miller- Mind Invasion
Randy Miller- Shall We Begin
Ten Inch Men- Go With Me
KMFDM- Ooh La La
Tin Machine- Baby Universal
House Of Lords- Down Down Down
Motorhead- Hell On Earth
Chainsaw Kittens- Waltzing With A Jaguar
Walter Werzowa- Main Theme
Mod 1 feat. Lisbeth Scott- From Eden
Steve Edwards- Main Theme
Steve Edwards- End Theme
Steve Edwards- Hands Of Terror
Henning Lohner- Main Theme
Henning Lohner- End Theme
Lars Anderson- Main Theme
Lars Anderson- End Theme
BossHouse- Look Who's Standing Tall
Sons Of Poseidon- 1 Man
Unida- You Wish
Noise Therapy- Yesterday
Jettared- Unsaid
Stephen Phillips- Tarantula
Frederik Wiedmann- Main Theme
Deron Johnson- Main Theme
Deron Johnson- Raising The Dead


Coil- The Hellraiser Theme
Coil- The Hellbound Heart
Coil- The Box Theme
Coil- No New World
Coil- Attack Of The Sennapods
Coil- Main Title


1. Hellraiser
2. Resurrection
3. Hellbound Heart
4. The Lament Configuration
5. Reunion
6. A Quick Death
7. Seduction And Pursuit
8. In Love's Name
9. The Cenobites
10. The Rat Slice Quartet
11. Re-Resurrection
12. Uncle Frank
13. Brought On By Night
14. Another Puzzle

1. Hellbound/Second Sight Seance
2. Looking Through A Woman
3. Something To Think About
4. Skin Her Alive
5. Stringing The Puppet
6. Hall Of Mirrors
7. Dead Or Living?
8. Leviathan
9. Sketch With Fire
10. Chemical Entertainment
11. Obscene Kiss
12. Headless Wizard
13. What's Your Pleasure?

1. Motorhead- Hellraiser
2. Ten Inch Men- Go With Me
3. Material Issue- What Girls Want
4. Electric Love Hogs- I Feel Like Steve
5. Triumph- Troublemaker
6. KMFDM- Ooh La La
7. Tin Machine- Baby Universal
8. The Soup Dragons- Divine Thing
9. House Of Lords- Down, Down, Down
10. Motorhead- Hell On Earth
11. Chainsaw Kittens- Waltzing With A Jaguar


1. Hellraiser III- Hell On Earth
2. Back To Hell
3. Cenobites' Death Dance
4. Pinhead's Protégés/The Devil's Mass
5. Come To Daddy
6. Gothic Rebirth
7. Emergency Room
8. Mind Invasion
9. The Pillar
10. Elliot's Story
11. Shall We Begin?

1. Main Title
2. Chez La Reve
3. Back To The Past/Present Tense
4. The Virtual Box Opens
5. Bloodlines
6. The Twins
7. Dreams Of Angelique
8. Solar Alignment
9. Angelique Montage
10.Sharpe At The Gates Of Hell
11. A New Box Of Gold
12. Pain Has A Face
13. Back Into The Box
14. Finale
15. End Title

Bill Monroe- Drifting Too Far From The Shore
Celldweller- Stay With Me (Unlikely)
Celldweller- Frozen
Sonicanimation- I Funk Therefore I Am
Barrie Gledden- Metal Matrix
Beethoven- Fur Elise