1. Clive Barker had originally developed elaborate back-stories for the Cenobites in the first film, though their origins were never explored. In this film, he wanted to make sure that, at the very least, the audience understood that the Cenobites were once human, and that their own vices led to their becoming demons. This element was meant to underline the story of Frank and Julia and their corruption by lust, with the latter intended to become the ultimate villain of the series. Pinhead, however, proved much more popular with audiences, and thus became the centerpiece for the rest of the series.

2. Dr. Channard's name in the script was Dr. Malahide. "Channard" is derived from Christiaan Bernard, who performed the world's first successful heart transplant.

3. An in-depth subplot detailing the origins of Pinhead (Doug Bradley) was scripted but deleted in pre-production due to last minute budget cuts. All that remains of this subplot is the film's prologue showing Captain Elliott Spencer opening the box and transforming into Pinhead. Pinhead's backstory was later explored in 'Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth' (1992).

4. Andrew Robinson refused to reprise his role as Larry Cotton, forcing hasty script rewrites. This partially accounts for the muddled story structure of the final film.

5. Because of a neck injury, Kenneth Cranham only wore the Channard Cenobite makeup for one day. Stuntman Bronco McLoughlin played the Channard Cenobite for the rest of the shoot.

6. The horn sound that is continually made by Leviathan is Morse code for "God".

7. As fans of the movie know, originally there was going to be an extra scene during the ending when Kirsty and Tiffany are running from Channard. During their escape, they ran into a doctor and a nurse, which were Pinhead and the Female Cenobite in human form (although they don't know it). The doctor demands to know what are they doing. Kirsty backs away in horror when suddenly the doctor and nurse turn into Pinhead and the Female Cenobite and then her and Tiffany continue running. The scene was set to be filmed, but it was ultimately dropped because filmmakers thought that having actor Doug Bradley as normal doctor would confuse the viewers, and because the effects were very bad. However, a still photographer managed to get some shots of Pinhead and the Female Cenobite dressed as surgeons, and they were later used in promotion of the film, as well as some VHS and DVD covers. This confused the fans, who wanted to know where it came from. Some trailers do show few shots from this unfinished scene and a couple shots of another deleted scene, with the Chatterer stopping the elevator with his hand and jumping at Kirsty and Tiffany.

8. New World Cinema green lit this sequel while the first film was in post production.

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