1. Browning (Oliver Smith)- Slashed with straight razor, blood drained and hand through skull by Julia
2. Female Victim (uncredited)- Blood drained by Julia
3. Kyle (William Hope)- Blood drained by Julia
4. Channard (Kenneth Cranham)- Injected with needles, head split in six pieces, becomes new Cenobite and is later beheaded
5. Patient (uncredited)- Impaled with hooks and chains, hand lopped off
6. Female Cenobite (Barbie Wilde)- Throat slashed by Channard
7. Butterball Cenobite (Simon Bamford)- Stabbed in chest by Channard
8. Chatterer Cenobite (Nicholas Vince)- Stabbed in chest by Channard
9. Pinhead (Doug Bradley)- Throat slit by Channard
10. Orderly (uncredited)- Found dead on asylum floor
11. Workman #1 (Ron Travis)- Halved at the waist by the Pillar Of Souls

*NOTE: Julia killed seven other victims offscreen to re-generate her body, but none were credited. She also later loses her skin and is presumed to be taken back to hell by Leviathan. In addition, Channard killed seven more patients offscreen at the asylum. They were found dead later on by Kirsty and Tiffany, and were not credited.

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