1. Although the paper is based in London, the money in the envelope that Charles gives to Amy is American dollars. Likewise, the bribe that Amy gives to the landlord in Romania is also in American dollars.

2. When Amy is talking to Marla's landlord in the hallway, the landlord's cigar is burned almost completely down. After the door is opened and Amy enters, the landlord can be seen outside with a much longer cigar.

3. When Amy walks into the bathroom containing the "dead" Marla, the actress playing Marla can be seen exhaling (at the base of her ribs). You can also see her lips tremble.

4. In the scene where Amy grabs the envelope and the box from the Marla in the bathroom, she takes the box from her left hand and puts it in her bag. Then, when Marla "awakens", you see Amy jump away. The scene then cuts to Marla, who is still holding the box in her left hand after it was supposedly removed.

5. When Amy is walking through the subway, the multiple earrings that she wears normally on her right ear now appear on her left ear, then back to her right in the next cut.

6. When Amy is stabbed, she gets up out of bed. In one shot, there is a thick spot of blood on the right shoulder of her night shirt as she gets out of bed. Then, as she stands next to her bed for a few seconds, the blood on her right shoulder is now light and smeary, but not thick as before. After that, when she gets into the bathroom, there is no blood at all there.

7. When Amy goes into the bathroom after being stabbed, you can tell she is wearing a chest appliance.

8. When Amy unlocks the gate, she only unlocks the lock without removing the lock itself and gets right through with a push, even though we can see the chains wrapped around it multiple times. After she walks through, we can see that there are now no chains or lock on the gate at all.

9. When Amy encounters the thousands of roaches in the wall, they are obviously fake CGI roaches.

10. During the scene where Amy finds all the victims on the subway train, you can tell that most of the victims had no wounds at all-- and merely had blood smeared on them!

11. Since when does the puzzle box solve itself?

12. When Amy performs the suicide ritual, the knife repeatedly changes position in her hands between shots.

13. Amy fakes Winter out and stabs the knife into the table next to the bed, which held the puzzle box. At first, the blade is turned away from Amy, but in the next shot, it is turned toward her. After that, as she grabs the puzzle box off of the table, the knife blade is again turned away from her.

14. When Winter is caught up in the chains, the hook in his left cheek disappears in one shot, then returns the next time Winter is on screen.

15. After Winter and all the Deaders die, and Amy stabs herself, you can see blood drooling from her mouth. In the next shot, she is crashing down, and her face is clean. After that, the next shot shows bloodstains on the left edge of her mouth.

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