1. Where is Steve in this film? Why would he have abandoned Kirsty like that, especially after the unreal experience they just went through together and survived?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Steve simply had enough, and decided to get out with his life while he still could.

2. When Julia is resurrected, a camera can be seen moving behind the desk by the curtains as the injured man crawls toward it.

3. If Julia truly had no skin and was re-generating, she would have been very cold and developed massive skin infections that would have likely killed her.

4. The morning after Channard resurrects Julia, we see her standing at a mirror, and the whole floor beneath her is carpeted; later, when Channard walks across it, his shoes still sound as if he were stepping on hard flooring.

5. When we see Julia in Channard's house, she is dripping blood, and skinless. From where she is standing, she would have had to walk across the room, dripping blood everywhere. But, except for the area where she is standing, the carpet is very clean.

6. When Julia and Channard make love, there was no way, at that point in time, Julia would have had enough feeling return to her nervous system to be enjoy it after only one victim.

7. When Julia takes the cigarette from Channard, there is no blood on the cigarette, yet her hand leaves some on his hand.

8. If it only took four victims to resurrect Frank in the original film, why did it take ten to resurrect Julia in this one?

9. When the Cenobites appear in Dr. Channard's office, the curtains are ripped away from the window, and you can see the string that rips them away.

10. When Julia bends the photo of Pinhead as a human, it's unbent in the photo album. However, we'd already seen close ups of that same picture bent in the exact spot earlier in the film.

11. When Channard kills the original Cenobites, the collar of Pinhead's outfit undergoes visible changes. First, it leaves his throat exposed but covers the rest of his neck. Later, after Channard turns him back into a human, the collar then covers his entire neck. After that, the collar completely disappears a second before Channard slashes Pinhead's throat.

12. When Dr. Channard is being turned into a Cenobite, his tie disappears in some shots.

13. When Kirsty is in the maze, she runs into a brick wall which is obviously fabric.

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