1. At the start of the film where Frank is buying the box, when the camera is zoomed in on the box, you see two glasses, but when the camera is zoomed out there is only one on the table. Also throughout these shots, everything on the table moves around.

2. The number of cups on the table during the opening scene (where Frank buys the box) changes from one to two then back to one.

3. When Frank first opens the puzzle box in the beginning of the film, the inner sides of the sliding pieces are white. Later, when Kirsty opens the box in the hospital, the box's inner sides are brown woodgrain, just like the exterior of the box.

4. At the start of the film when Kirsty is walking towards the house you can see her hair is evenly sitting behind her head, but in the next scene when the camera looks back at her, her hair is bunched to one side.

5. When Julia leaves dinner to "go to bed", the door never latches behind her.

6. When Frank grabs Julia, she screams. Meanwhile, downstairs, the dinner party was still going on. Wouldn't the rest of the dinner party have heard her scream?

7. The amount of blood on Julia from inside the attic to the hallway to the bathroom.

8. Wouldn't Kirsty have heard the third victim's screams inside an otherwise empty house?

9. If Frank truly had no skin and was re-generating, he would have been very cold and developed massive skin infections that would have likely killed him.

10. When Kirsty is at the top of the stairs hiding from Frank, a shadow of the boom mic is visible on the top corner.

11. Throughout most of the film, Larry has a bandage on his right hand. When he talks to Julia through the bathroom door, Larry's bandage is on his left hand.

12. Just before Frank inadvertently stabs Julia, the bandage on his right hand disappears for two shots in close-up.

13. When Kirsty first wakes up in the hospital bed, the tray-table in front of her is empty. The doctor comes in and deposits the puzzle box on the table. He says he'll get her a phone after they've talked. However, directly after he leaves, we see that a phone has appeared on the table. It is neither mentioned nor used.

14. When the Engineer chases Kirsty, the trolley and crew pushing it are visible.

15. While Kirsty is running away from the Engineer, the camera cuts to the tunnel, and it seems like she is running the wrong way (the tunnel with the painted disappearing point appears supposedly ahead of her).

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