1. What was the name of the store where Karen worked?

2. What did Andy initially want to name Chucky?

3. What was the name of Karen and Andy's cat?

4. The poster of what 1988 horror film was on Andy's bedroom wall?

5. What horror film did Chucky watch with Andy and his friends?

6. What type of fruit did Shane grow in his backyard?

7. How did Andy keep Shane's decapitated head from being discovered?

8. What did Omar name his Buddi doll (not knowing it was Chucky)?

9. According to Henry Kaslan, how many different models of the Buddi 2 were made?

10. Why did Doreen call the Kaslan Kar?


1. Karen worked at Zed Mart.
2. Andy initially wanted to name Chucky 'Han Solo'.
3. Karen and Andy's cat was named Mickey Rooney.
4. The poster from 'Killer Klowns From Outer Space' was on Andy's bedroom wall.
5. Chucky watched 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2' with Andy and his friends.
6. Shane grew watermelons in his backyard.
7. Andy wrapped Shane's head in gift wrap and gave it to Doreen as a gift, later disposing of it.
8. Omar named his Buddi doll 'Choad'.
9. Henry Kaslan said 5 different Buddi 2's were produced, including the Buddi Bear.
10. Doreen called the Kaslan Kar to take her to bingo.

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