1. When Andy was on his date with Rachel, what topic did they initially discuss?

2. What was the name of the asylum where Nica was transferred?

3. What did Nica trade Malcolm for a cigarette in their initial encounter?

4. Where did Dr. Foley say he got the Chucky doll he brought to the group therapy session?

5. Who became Alice's legal guardian following the events of 'Curse Of Chucky'?

6. Why did Dr. Foley use hypnotism on Nica?

7. What was Chucky's message to Andy, conveyed through Tiffany's phone call?

8. What was the name of Madeleine's baby (that she killed)?

9. Why did Andy get himself committed to the asylum?

10. Where did Chucky say he got his multiplication spell?


1. Andy and Rachel initially discussed the Second Amendment on their date.
2. Nica was transferred to Harrogate Psychiatric Hospital.
3. Nica traded Malcolm a stick of Juicy Fruit gum for a cigarette.
4. Dr. Foley said he got the Chucky doll at Hot Topic.
5. Tiffany became Alice's legal guardian following the events of 'Curse Of Chucky'.
6. Dr. Foley used hypnotism on Nica to take advantage of her without her remembering.
7. Chucky's message to Andy was to he was going to disembowel him.
8. Madeleine's baby was named Joshua.
9. Andy got himself committed to help Nica and prove Chucky was real.
10. Chucky said he got his multiplication spell from Voodoo For

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