1. What was the name of Glen's act in the ventriloquist competition?

2. What was the name of the horror film in production at the beginning of the movie?

3. What was the stage number where the horror film above was being made?

4. What was the name of the article Joan was reading backstage while with Jennifer?

5. Who did Redman say was his first choice for the role of the Virgin Mary in his bible movie?

6. What magazine did Chucky use to get his jollies?

7. What was the name of the magazine that Pete worked for?

8. What book did Tiffany read to help with her 'addiction'?

9. How many children did Jennifer end up giving birth to at film's end?

10. What was Glen's last birthday present at the end of the movie?


1. Glen was part of the 'Psychs & Sh*tface' ventriloquist act.
2. The horror film in production was 'Chucky Goes Psycho'.
3. The horror film was in production at Stage 29.
4. Joan was reading 'It's Perform Or Perish' in 'Daily Variety'.
5. Redman's first choice was Julia Roberts.
6. Chucky got his jollies to 'Fangoria'.
7. Pete worked for 'Celebrities Revealed'.
8. Tiffany read '12 Steps In 3 Days: A Guide For The Busy Addict'.
9. Jennifer gave birth to twins- one boy and one girl.
10. Glen's last birthday present was Chucky's severed arm.

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