1. According to the Play Pals executive, what was their highest-selling toy, and by how much?

2. According to Sgt. Botnick, who invented the military crewcut and why?

3. What was Whitehurst's full name?

4. What type of magazine did Chucky find in Andy's chest?

5. Where did Chucky get his new knife?

6. What did Tyler's note to Chucky say when they played hide and seek?

7. According to Andy's psych evaluation what institution did he transfer from?

8. Why did De Silva break into Cochrane's office with Ivers?

9. According to Lt. Col. Shelton, how many tours of Vietnam did Cochrane complete?

10. What was the name of the carnival ride where Chucky took Tyler to perform his voodoo ceremony?


1. The Good Guy doll was Play Pals' highest-selling toy by a 2-1 margin.
2. The Romans invented the military cut so their enemies couldn't grab their hair and slit their throat.
3. Whitehurst's full name was Harold Aubrey Whitehurst.
4. Chucky found a 'Playpen' magazine in Andy's chest.
5. Chucky stole his new knife from Lt. Col. Shelton's barracks.
6. Tyler's note read: 'Dear Charles, you're it. Come and find me. Your best friend, Tyler'.
7. Andy transferred from the 'North Southern Institution'.
8. De Silva broke into Cochrane's office to read Andy's file and learn more about him.
9. According to Lt. Col. Shelton, Cochrane completed two tours of Vietnam.
10. Chucky took Tyler to 'The Devil's Lair' ride at the carnival.

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