1. What did the license plate on Mr. Sullivan's limousine say?

2. According to Andy's caseworker, how many people did Charles Lee Ray kill to that point?

3. What did Andy tell Joanne his favorite foods were?

4. What was the name of the imposter Good Guy doll in Andy's closet?

5. What was the name of the store where Mattson stopped to get a bottle of vodka?

6. At what age did Kyle tell Andy she was given up for adoption?

7. What was Joanne's chief hobby?

8. What did Chucky write on Andy's class assignment that got him into trouble?

9. What type of car did the Simpsons own?

10. At the end of the film, why was it that Chucky told Andy his voodoo spell didn't work?


1. The license plate on Mr. Sullivan's license plate read "FUN ONE".
2. According to the caseworker, Charles Lee Ray killed 12 people to that point.
3. Andy told Joanne his favorite foods were chocolate and eggs.
4. The imposter Good Guy doll was named Tommy.
5. Mattson stopped at the 'Mutt & Jeff' liquor store.
6. Kyle told Andy she was given up for adoption at age 3.
7. Joanne was a seamstress.
8. Chucky wrote "F*ck You B*tch" on Andy's class assignment.
9. The Simpsons had a red Ford station wagon.
10. Chucky told Andy the voodoo spell didn't work because he was in the doll's body too long.

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