1. What was the name of the toy store where Charles Lee Ray died and transferred his soul into the doll?

2. What was the name of the restaurant next door to the toy store?

3. How much did Karen pay the peddler for her Good Guy doll?

4. What were the call letters of the local TV station?

5. What was the Barclay's apartment number?

6. At what stop did Andy get off the train?

7. What size batteries powered the Good Guy doll, and how many did it take?

8. What was Karen's occupation?

9. According to Detective Norris, what was Charles Lee Ray's address?

10. What inscription was scrawled on the wall at Charles Lee Ray's apartment?


1. The store was called 'Playland Toys'.
2. The restaurant was 'Jimmy Wong's Cantonese Food'.
3. Karen paid the peddler $30.
4. The call letters of the local TV station were KDOL.
5. The Barclay's lived in apartment 8C.
6. Andy got off the train at 43rd Street.
7. The Good Guy doll ran on two Size D batteries.
8. Karen worked in the jewelry department of Carson's Department Store.
9. According to Detective Norris, Charles Lee Ray lived at 730 Stoney Island on the Southside.
10. The inscription 'Oh Thank You Mighty Damballa For Life After Death' was scrawled on the wall.

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