1. Andy's date in the high rise is similar to the high-rise apartment much of the action took place in in the original 'Child's Play'.

2. While on his date with Rachel, Andy mentions the murder of his babysitter, his teacher and his caseworker, who were all victims of Chucky in the first two films.

3. Andy's uniform from Kent Military School is on display in his cabin in the beginning of the film, a nod to his time there in 'Child's Play 3', even though the role was played by Justin Whalin instead.

4. When Nica first meets Malcolm at the asylum, she trades him a stick of Juicy Fruit chewing gum for a cigarette. When he begins to chew he says, "Mmm, Juicy Fruit". This is an obvious reference to the scene from 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' (1975), when Murphy gives a stick of Juicy Fruit to Chief and he says the same line.

5. Chucky also refers to the asylum a "cuckoo's nest", another nod to that film, in which Brad Dourif, the voice of Chucky, made his film debut as Billy Bibbit.

6. When Nica meets Tiffany, she comments that Tiffany looks 'just like Jennifer Tilly'. Nica didn't know it, but not only is Tiffany played by Jennifer Tilly, but following the events of 'Seed Of Chucky', Tiffany is actually inhabiting Jennifer Tilly's body in the Chucky universe. This also causes confusion for her later in the movie, when she says, "Tiffany...Jennifer...I lose track".

7. The orchestral 'stingers' used throughout the movie are very similar to those used in the original film.

8. When Claire attempts to throw Chucky in the disposal chute, he bites her on the arm, revealing to her that he is alive. This is just like the original 'Child's Play', where he did the same thing to Karen Barclay when she threatened to throw him into the fireplace.

9. Chucky kills Claire by launching a compressed oxygen tank through a skylight, which is similar to a scene in 'Bride Of Chucky', where TIffany threw a champagne bottle at a glass ceiling, killing the thieving couple below it.

10. There are various flashbacks to the other films in the series, most notably the original, 'Child's Play 3', and 'Curse Of Chucky'.

11. Right before Madeleine tries to suffocate her Chucky doll, she tells him, "A boy's best friend is his mother", an obvious nod to 'Psycho' (1960).

12. Chucky schemes to get Madeleine to bury her doll much like Chucky buried the Tommy doll in Part 2.

13. While Nica is watching the grave scene, she tells Nurse Carlos, "he'll be back...he always comes back", a nod to the line Chucky delivers at the end of 'Bride Of Chucky', right before Jade shoots him.

14. When Madeleine is looking for her shoe under the bed, it is stylistically similar to when Kyle is searching under the bed for the knife in Part 2.

15. Chucky compares one of the other Chucky dolls to Hannibal Lecter, adding, "I can't believe they cancelled that show". Writer/director Don Mancini actually wrote two episodes of the 'Hannibal' TV series during its third (and unexpectedly final) season.

16. Chucky references several of his past kills when he mentions how much he loves his job, including Miss Kettlewell, who he beat with a yardstick in Part 2, and Officer Norton, who he blew up in the police car in Part 4.

17. Andy's line, "This is the end, f---er" is similar to his "This is the end, friend" from the original film.

18. Tiffany's car looks very similar to Christine, the famed killer car from the Stephen King novel turned John Carpenter film (1983).

19. Tiffany says Chucky once told her that "a true classic never goes out of style". This is a reference to the death of Chief Kincaid from 'Bride Of Chucky'.

20. The ending where Nica becomes possessed by the soul of Charles Lee Ray is similar to the ending of the final story in the 1975 made for TV film 'Trilogy Of Terror', where the main female protagonist becomes possessed by the spirit of the zuni doll.

21. Multiple cast members from 'Curse Of Chucky' reappear in different roles in this film. Adam Hurtig, who plays Malcolm, also played Officer Stanton. Ali Tataryn, who plays Nurse Ashley, was a US EX employee who delivers Chucky to Andy in the post-credits scene in 'Curse'. And Darren Wall, who plays a security guard at the asylum, previously appeared as a highway cop.

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