Matt: When I first heard of this movie coming out, my first thought was, "Why?!" The original Chucky series is still ongoing, with new films and a TV series planned from creator Don Mancini. So, why re-boot what never really ended in the first place? It sounded like a corporate money grab to me. And without any of the original cast members attached (or Mancini, for that matter), I was very skeptical. I did not go to the theater to see this, but when it came out on digital, I decided to give it a go. The result wasn't as bad as I expected, but it still wasn't good, either. Mark Hamill, the new voice of Chucky, did a fairly admirable job, but he'll never be confused with the great Brad Dourif anytime soon. The new Karen (Aubrey Plaza) and Andy (Gabriel Bateman) turned in fairly decent performances, but beyond that, the acting was very cookie cutter and bland at best. Chucky itself was a total design disaster, including the CGI. There was just something about that new look that didn't scare me at all. The A.I. touch was nice, but the fact that it was not a real human soul inside the doll really took away from the core of the film. If he wasn't Charles Lee Ray (or even that disgruntled factory worker) trying to transfer his soul out of the doll into Andy, then just what is his motivation? The out-of-control robot just didn't do it for me. The kill scenes were as good as could be expected, but lacked that classic slasher style that Charles Lee Ray personified to a T. Bear McCreary (of 'Walking Dead' fame) composed a very good score, which included snippets of previous scores as a reminder to fans that this is a 'Child's Play' film. Other than that, I can see why Mancini and Co. wanted nothing to do with this. 3 out of 10.


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