Matt: I had high hopes for this one after 'Curse Of Chucky' really succeeded in making Chucky scary again for the first time in 20 years. Picking up where its predecessor left off, 'Cult' continues the story of Nica following her commitment to a mental institution, as well as the return of Andy Barclay, played cleverly once again by Alex Vincent. This one had all the makings of a classic up until all the Chucky clones showed up. It left me shaking my head for the first time since 'Seed Of Chucky' came out in 2005. My main question is, if Chucky knew as much voodoo as he claimed, why didn't he make the clones of himself before? Certainly they could have helped him transfer his soul into Andy way back when, or even Tyler in Part 3. I get they were going for something more psychological, but even this was a bit much. Chucky wasn't as scary this time around, and it seemed like he was relegated to extra status while the clones did all the dirty work. The kills were fine and better in the unrated version, but it really took away from the film knowing it was the clones doing it and not the main man himself. Fiona Dourif was again excellent as Nica, and it was nice to see Kyle (Christine Elise) return in the post-credits scene the way Andy did in 'Curse', but other than that, the rest of the acting fell flat. Joseph LoDuca brought it once again with the musical score, which was a nice continuation of the creepy tones he established in 'Curse'. As much as I enjoyed 'Curse', this one just didn't deliver and was a step back for the Chucky-verse. I can only hope the next one (or the proposed TV series) rebounds and brings the whole thing together once and for all. 5 out of 10.


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