Matt: Ah, Child's Play. The movie that made kids scared to death of their dolls throughout the late 1980s, and which still resonates with the horror fan base today. It's hard to believe almost three decades later, this film is talked about as one of the greats of the era, and I gotta say, I have to agree. The premise of a killer doll is a little bizarre and far-fetched, but with the strong opening interaction between Chris Sarandon and Brad Dourif, it instantly became credible. You just knew that once Charles Lee Ray was gunned down that something evil was afoot, and little did we know the terror that would be unleashed upon poor Andy Barclay and his mother Karen, who was simply trying to give her son a birthday to remember. Boy, did she ever. This is the film that stands out above all in the killer doll genre. No matter how many I watch, I inevitably compare them to this. Director Tom Holland and the staff did a great job making Chucky menacing, even if some of the effects were cheesy. Hey, it was the 80's people. People actually thought this was real back then, and CGI simply did not exist. It did, however, force the producers to get creative, something Hollywood could sure use more of nowadays. But anyway, this is one of only two films in the series that is actually scary (read my other reviews to find out what the other is, it might surprise you). And the ending was certainly satisfying, albeit open-ended for the sequel that would come two years later. 10 out of 10.


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