Harry Nilsson- Best Friend
Bear McCreary- Birth Of Chucky
Bear McCreary- Taking Down The Lights
Bear McCreary- Zed Mart Massacre
Bear McCreary- Chucky's Trap
Bear McCreary- Kaslan Theme



1. The Buddi Song (Feat. Mark Hamill)
2. Theme From Child's Play (Feat. Mark Hamill)
3. Birth Of Chucky
4. Karen And Andy
5. A Surprise For Andy
6. A New Friend
7. Tickle Time
8. Bad Influence
9. Taking Down The Lights
10. The Watermelon Man
11. Deactivating Chucky
12. In The Basement
13. The New Doll
14. Kaslan Car
15. Andy At Bat
16. Convergence At Zed Mart
17. Zed Mart Massacre
18. Chucky's Trap
19. Friends Until The End
20. Kaslan Theme
21. Child's Play Theme (1988)

Part-Time Friends- Fire
James Reese & Marlene King- Throwing Stones
The Countdown Kids- Baa-Baa Black Sheep
Myuu- Jingle Bells (Dark Piano Version)

Score Composed & Performed By- Bear McCreary

"Opening Chase (Main Titles- Child's Play)"
Written By Joe Renzetti
Composed By Joe Renzetti
From The Soundtrack Album "Child's Play"
Courtesy Of La-La Land Records

"Bong Hoa Bai Hat"
Written By Doan Ca Kich Hue
Courtesy Of Extreme Music

"Lowrey And Vibes"
Written By Matthew Downs And Danny Wilde
Performed By Chauncey Ferry
Courtesy Of Aperture Music

"Connecting Love"
Written By Eric Hachikian
Performed By Soundcat Productions
Courtesy Of EVH Arts Inc.

Written By Florent Biolchini
Performed By Part-Time Friends
From The Album "Fire"
Courtesy Of Un Plan Simple
By Arrangement With Friendly Fire Licensing

"Throwing Stones"
Written & Performed By James Reese & Marlene King
From The Album "Wait For Me"
Courtesy Of Now-Again Records LLC

"Baa-Baa Black Sheep"
Written By R. Hanneman (Arr.), Traditional
Performed By The Countdown Kids
From The Album "My Favorite Kindergarten Songs"
Courtesy Of BMG Production Music

"It Must Be Love"
Written By John Barnett Stutz And Ray Scott Whitton
Performed By American Lads
Courtesy Of D2 Music

"Jingle Bells (Dark Piano Version)"
Written By James Pierpont
Performed By Myuu
From The Album "Carol Of The Bells/Jingle Bells"
Courtesy Of Records DK

"Best Friend"
Written & Performed By Harry Nilsson
From The Album "Lifeline: The Songs of Nilsson, 1967-1971"
Courtesy Of Warner Brothers Records

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