1. Don Mancini wrote this and every other Chucky film to date.

2. Nica is played by Fiona Dourif, daughter of Brad Dourif, the voice of Chucky.

3. Jennifer Tilly (Tiffany) shot her scenes in just six days during the last two weeks of filming, February 6-11, 2017.

4. Two weeks before the film was officially released, several Twitter and YouTube users leaked scenes and sometimes even the full-length film. Don Mancini claimed on Twitter that all users who leaked screen captures, videos or written spoilers had been identified and legal action would begin against them. He wrote: "To the geniuses who leaked Cult Of Chucky and tweeted about it, Congrats, not only are you terrible people, now Universal lawyers know who you are". Alex Vincent (Andy) even stated that he didn't find logic in what the users were doing, since the movie would be available to watch on Netflix.

5. The film marks the first time that Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) and Andy (Alex Vincent) ever meet and share scenes. Although they both appear in the previous entry, 'Curse Of Chucky' (2013), their paths never crossed.

6. Alex Vincent (Andy) wrapped filming on February 15, 2017, two days before completion of principal photography.

7 The character Carlos is based on a friend of Don Mancini's, who is also a gay Latino nurse.

8. This is the second film of the series that involves an asylum, following the original film. However, the majority of this film takes place in one while in the original film the asylum scenes were less than 10 minutes long.

9. This film marks the first time Chucky is actually successful in transferring his soul to another human body.

10. Despite the title, the original Chucky doll (who is now beheaded) is technically demoted to an extra in this film. Instead, it is his 'clones' that are the main 'Chucky' dolls in the film.

11. This film marks the first time since 'Child's Play 3' (1991) where the Chucky dolls don't have stitches or scars except for the original Chucky doll, who still maintains his facial disfigurement. In the previous entry, Tiffany covered up Chucky's stitches and scars with makeup to hide his identity.

12. Claire's death scene underwent many re-writes. Ideas included her being electrocuted, drenched by the sprinkler system and then set on fire, and being injected with an anti-coagulant causing her to bleed out.

13. In this film, the Good Guy dolls have a deeper voice. This is possibly an homage to when boys get 'broken' voices as they go through puberty with their voices being deeper. It may have also been a subtle way of showing that this film would be more adult-themed.

14. In February 2018, it was announced that a 'Child's Play' television series is the works with involvement from series creator Don Mancini and producer David Kirschner, and will be a continuation of the story from the films. Mancini also stated that in addition to the series, feature films will still continue in the future as well.

15. On the DVD director's commentary, Don Mancini reveals that giving all three Chucky's a subtle difference was a studio executive decision to help differentiate them in the film. During production, the Chucky's were nicknamed 'Buzzcut', 'Ragamuffin', 'Edwardian', and 'Evil Dead'.

16. When Malcolm pretends he's Charles, he claims no one calls him "Chucky," unlike the real Charles Lee Ray, who actually prefers to be called Chucky.

17. Multiple cast members from 'Curse Of Chucky' reappear in different roles in this film. Adam Hurtig, who plays Malcolm, also played Officer Stanton. Ali Tataryn, who plays Nurse Ashley, was a US EX employee who delivers Chucky to Andy in the post-credits scene in 'Curse'. And Darren Wall, who plays a security guard at the asylum, previously appeared as a highway cop.

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