1. Screenwriter Don Mancini faced constant pressure from Universal to get the third film going before the second was even released. Mancini said because of that pressure, this film was his least favorite because he was out of ideas so soon after Part 2.

2. John Ritter was originally supposed to make a cameo appearance as a security guard at the Good Guy doll factory in a sequence where some kids sneak into the factory and discuss the Chucky myth. Although that scene was cut, Ritter later appeared in 'Bride Of Chucky' as police chief Warren Kincaid.

3. This was the first film in the series to use computers to aid in Chucky's puppetry, in order to perfect the lip-syncing.

4. Peter Jackson was asked to direct the film, but declined.

5. Upon its British release, this film found itself in the center of a tabloid panic, with one newspaper, 'The Sun', even demanding copies be burned. Journalists claimed the film had influenced two young boys in their murder of a two-year old child, but it was later determined that neither had actually seen the film to begin with.

6. In order to prepare for their roles, both the red team and the blue team actors participated in an actual war games together.

7. This was the last film of the series to use 'Child's Play' in its title.

8. Even though Alex Vincent did not reprise his role as Andy Barclay, he was credited as Andy Barclay making his archive footage appearance in the beginning.

9. This was Brad Dourif's least favorite film of the series.

10. The film takes place in 1998, and then the fourth film, 'Bride Of Chucky', which actually came out in 1998, takes place one month later.

11. This is the first film in the series to have Chucky use a gun in his doll form, although he did so in human form at the beginning of the original film.

12. Besides Brad Dourif, Peter Haskell (Mr. Sullivan) is the only actor to appear in both 'Child's Play 2' and 'Child's Play 3'.

13. Jonathan Brandis was considered for the role of Andy Barclay, but producers decided on Justin Whaley instead.

14. The war games scene where Chucky replaces the paintball bullets with live ammunition was originally written as a blood bath scene, with many more casualties involved.

15. The scene where Tyler sees the Good Guy doll commercial on television is similar to the original when Andy sees the same commercial on TV. In addition to that, they both say "Wow!" when they see it.

16. The box office disappointment of this movie (it made only $20.5 million on a $13 million budget) is the reason why there was not another Chucky movie for seven years, until 'Bride Of Chucky' (1998).

17. The movie was actually filmed at Kemper Military School and Junior College in Boonville, Missouri. The movie called the school "Kemp". However, the actual school is now closed down.

18. Chucky always loses his right hand before he dies, a trend that continues with this film. In the first film, Karen Barclay shoots it off. In Part 2, Chucky tears it off himself to escape from the bar gate, and in this one, Andy cuts it off with a knife.

19. This was the only 'Child's Play' film where all the victims are male, and no females die.

20. The name 'Col. Cochrane' is an homage to 'Halloween III: Season Of The Witch', where the main antagonist is named Conal Cochran.

21. Andy searching for Chucky with a knife is similar to the previous film, where the younger Andy searches the house for him with an electric knife.

22. Chucky wearing bullets around his chest is similar to the 'Rambo' film series, where Sylvester Stallone does the same thing.

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