1. There was originally a longer version of the scene where the power goes out behind Nurse Carlos and Chucky steals the scalpel from the 'sharps' drawer. Originally, Nurse Ashley catches Carlos selling photos of Nica on the internet to Perez and the Trade Post, among others. Carlos goes on to explain that he's selling them for his husband Jake, who has multiple sclerosis, and wants to raise $1,000 to take him to Alaska while he can still make the trip. While Chucky watches in the background, Ashley offers to take the late shift, but Carlos thanks her and declines. Then, the scene shifts to show the two corridors leading away from Carlos, with Chucky walking away down one, and Ashley down the other.


2. During this scene, Carlos and Ashley cross paths during medication delivery to the patients. Ashley takes Madeleine her medication, and she is pre-occupied with the Chucky doll, which she thinks is her dead son Joshua. Madeleine tells Ashley that she shouldn't take her meds because "Chucky says they're bad for my mouth". Ashley insists they are all natural, prescribed just for her by Dr. Foley. Madeleine relents and then takes her pills with a glass of milk (for some odd reason). Ashley then leaves and Madeleine asks Chucky, "What are we gonna do today, Chucky?" and follows that up with, "Let's have some fun".


3. There was originally a bit more to the scene where Nica tells Nurse Carlos that Chucky will "be back, he always comes back". In addition to the existing dialogue, Carlos gives Nica his cell phone and tells her there's only enough battery for one call, but that if anything happens, to call him. Nica then asks him why he's 'humoring' her, and he tells her it's 'part of the job'. Nica refuses at first, but then takes it after Carlos insists, saying "Alaska's too f*cking cold...nevermind". This would have linked to the first deleted scene, where he mentioned taking his husband to Alaska. Nica thanks him.

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