1. When the technician is electrocuted in the beginning, the power goes out, followed by an argument between Mr. Sullivan and Mattson in the dark. Sullivan tells him, "I can't see a damn thing!" Mattson insists, "I hear something!", but all we hear are the sounds of footsteps in the dark. In addition to that, the technician lands differently than in the theatrical version.


2. There was originally an extended dialogue between Andy and his counselor while they were playing go fish. The counselor asks him how he's been sleeping, and if his nightmares have still been keeping him up. Andy doesn't reply, but the counselor insists that "talking helps make the nightmares go away". Andy then proceeds to tell him the whole Chucky story all over again, but only after the counselor agrees to not tell any of the other kids, because they "might start making fun of" him again. The counselor then responds with, "Dreams can't hurt you. Dreams aren't real".


3. There was originally a short extension of the scene where Mr. Sullivan tells Mattson to stick Chucky up his ass. Mattson then sulks next to Chucky by the door and picks him up. Chucky, in Good Guy Doll fashion, turns and looks at him and says, "Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?"

YOU GAME? (0:49)

4. There was originally a longer dialogue between Grace, Phil and Joanne when they were trying to decide to take Andy. Grace tells them about Chucky, and Phil wonders if they are even qualified to care for a child like Andy. Grace assures them that Andy is fine and just wants to get on with his life. Joanne turns and looks at Phil and asks him, "You game?" Phil replies, "Whatever makes you happy".

YOU OKAY? (0:15)

5. There was originally a short extension of the scene where the Simpsons are nearly cut off by a Good Guys truck. After Andy watches it go by from the back seat, Joanne asks him if he's okay, and he says, "sure, I'm okay".


6. When Phil originally pulled into the driveway at his house with Andy for the first time, he put the car in park and then turned to the backseat, saying, "this is it!" Joanne then asks, "what do you think?" Andy replies, "We never lived in a house before. Just apartments". Phil then concludes with, "You know what they say? A house just isn't a home without children".


7. Originally, before Mattson calls his mistress Gabriella, he phones his wife and tells her not to hold dinner, as he has to "work late". He apologizes and says, "this is why they give me the big bucks, right?" After hanging up with his wife, he mumbles, "she's okay", then dials Gabriella. During this time, there is also an alternate shot of Chucky sitting up in the backseat.


8. Before Chucky is shown calling the crisis center looking for Andy, there was originally a shot of Chucky rummaging through Mattson's briefcase to find the info. As he files through it, he finds a couple of books, a picture of himself in his human form, and then Andy's casefile.


9. There was a brief extension of the scene where Phil confronts Andy and Kyle about breaking the china doll. After he grounds them, Kyle glares at Andy a few more seconds, then they show Phil again before cutting to the scene in the basement where Andy and Kyle are doing laundry.


10. The dialogue between Phil and Joanne while she was sewing originally ran a lot longer. She tells him that the adoption agency turned them down again, and Phil flips out, wondering what more they have to do. He then tells her he doesn't like seeing her have her heart broken every time one of the foster children leave. Joanne convinces him she's happy to be making a difference in kids' lives and that they'll "just have to wait like everyone else". She assures him that everything's going to be "just fine" and they share a kiss.


11. Originally, after Kyle and Andy leave for school, there was a lot more dialogue between Phil and Joanne. Phil tells her "we haven't gotten a decent night's sleep since he got here" and that "that's cause for concern". They argue back and forth and walk toward the driveway, where Phil prepares to leave for work. Joanne, flustered, says that, "I wish I knew how I could help him. I wish I knew what we were doing wrong". Phil assures her that they can only do their best, and that Andy "needs more help than we can give him". He checks his watch and says he has to go, so he gets in the car and asks her to consider sending him back. She nods in agreement, and they share a kiss. Then, as Phil backs out of the driveway and Joanne returns to the house, a basement window is shown cracked open, indicating Chucky escaped.


12. Originally, after Phil's body is taken away, there was an insert shot shown of two police cars pulling away from the Simpson House. This was right before the scene where Kyle dumps Chucky into the garbage can.


13. There was an extension of a scene cut that showed a semi truck driving by the children's crisis center right after Kyle drives away from being pulled over.


14. Initially, after Chucky tells Kyle to shut up before he kicks her teeth in, Kyle sees the Midtown Crisis Center, prompting her to jam the brakes and send Chucky flying through the windshield. It would have made a lot more sense if that was left in, as it explains how they "miraculously" ended up right outside the clinic.


15. There was a scene cut which showed Kyle stopping in an alley to search for the newspaper delivery truck. It was cut for pacing.


16. When Chucky is performing his ritual on Andy inside the Good Guy factory, the scene showing the clouds forming in the sky originally ran longer. It was cut for time.


17. The scene where Kyle and Andy try to sneak past the eyeball machine inside the factory originally ran a bit longer. Andy was very hesitant to pass through, but is talked through it by Kyle.


18. In an alternate TV cut, the scene where Kyle flips off Chucky is different. Instead of flipping him the middle finger, she tells him, "play time's over!" as he gets tore apart by the machine in the factory.


19. A different ending shows Chucky's face being re-created through the factory machines, followed by him giving an evil smile. This was cut, but it appears the very same footage was used in the opening to 'Child's Play 3'.

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