1. If Andy keeps his cabin so immaculately clean, why would he just toss a beer cap on the floor? It would go against his implied perfectionism.

EXPLANATION: Maybe he was just angry that his date with Rachel didn't go well and he didn't care at that point.

2. There sure seemed to be a very small number of staff members for a behavorial health unit, and why does it seem like the same people work every single shift? I've heard of budget constraints, but that was too much to believe.

3. The staff station between hallways is shown to have the staff give their back to the hallways, instead of facing them.

4. In what hospital are the staff allowed to wear ear buds?

5. Staff check of 15 minutes is portrayed as a special order for an at-risk patient, instead of it being the norm.

6. Why aren't there any night checks?

7. The psychiatrist is portrayed as also being the therapist for all individual and group sessions, and is present for all hours, even though he also works at another facility.

8. Dr. Foley burns the Chucky doll on his right hand with a lighter. But later, when it cuts to a wide shot, Chucky's hand is completely fine.

9. A chemical restraint is used on a patient who is not harming themselves or others, which is not permitted in any state.

10. A person cannot be placed in a behavioral health unit for punching a guard. Instead, the police would be called and that person would be taken to jail or, if deemed mentally ill, to an ER or crisis unit for psychiatric evaluation. At that point, they might be committed to a regular inpatient mental health unit, and certainly not an extended one.

11. Hypnosis is used as overpowering an unwilling person, instead of being a guided experience through what the patient allows.

12. Why is it that the nurse wears a stereotypical outfit that has been out of style for over 40 years? Why not scrubs or a more modern nursing uniform? What she wore looked like a Halloween costume.

13. Why are scalpels and other unnecessary sharp objects seemingly available upon command at the facility?

14. Why didn't Malcolm just overpower Chucky when he fell into the grave? It seems a bit unbelievable that he wasn't stronger than a doll.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Malcolm was knocked out when he hit the dirt, allowing Chucky to have his way.

15. When Chucky is shown rising out of the grave, if you look closely, you can see the crewman's hands that are lifting him.

16. How on earth could Andy get himself committed to the asylum? There would need to be a referral made by an actual doctor, not to mention mountains of paperwork.

17. How could Chucky use that multiplication spell without touching the host's forehead? And how could he do it if the spell was only one line long?

18. Whatever happened to the 'Heart of Damballa' amulet that Chucky supposedly needed to transfer both himself and TIffany to Jesse and Jade's bodies in 'Bride Of Chucky'?

19. It sure became much easier for Chucky to transfer his soul into other people during this film. Where was this spell during 'Bride Of Chucky"? The internet was indeed around back then, so Tiffany could have easily found it.

20. Whatever became of Glen/Glenda from 'Seed Of Chucky'? You would think Tiffany would've brought him along for the ride and started to teach him the family business, so to speak, no matter if he was a doll or a human.

21. Adam Hurtig's character is billed as Michael in the end credits, which is how he first introduces himself, even though it's revealed later in the movie that his character's name is actually Malcolm.

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