1. If the Chucky, Tiffany and Glen dolls were found at the cemetery following the events of Part 4, where was all the damage that they'd sustained?

2. When Santa's toy sack is cut open, a LOT of toys fall out into the snow. There's no way that size of a sack could have held that many toys.

3. When Glen goes into Claudia's room, he stabs her doll. However, you never hear him remove the knife from the doll's head, and when he looks at himself wetting his pants, the knife is back in his hand again.

4. In the beginning of the movie, when Glen is killing Claudia's mother in the shower, her underwear is visible through the shower curtain even though she's supposed to be nude.

5. When Glen kills Claudia's parents and wets himself in the beginning, you can see the reflection of the camera in the puddle of his urine.

6. The prop dolls of Chucky and Tiffany are shown with wires coming out of each of their backs. But when Tony removes the back plate from Tiffany's back (which is completely exposed), there's no sign of any port where a plug should be present.

7. In the scene where Chucky and Tiffany kill Tony, Chucky and Tiffany get splattered with blood. But in the next scene with them in it, they are clean and Tiffany's white dress is spotless.

8. When Glen is in the baby crib, the words spoken do not match his lips when he says, "We can finally be a real family".

9. If Jennifer Tilly's horror movie was being filmed in Stage 29, what was she doing emerging from Stage 17, right near the paparazzi?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Jennifer did that on purpose, knowing it would get her the most attention.

10. When Jennifer is getting ready for her date, her perfume is on the table in the first shot, but she's spraying it on herself in the next.

11. How many people would be legitimately knocked out for an entire night after one bonk on the head? Zero. Zip. Zilch.

12. What are the odds that Jennifer would actually get pregnant by artificial insemination, especially the way Tiffany did it?

EXPLANATION: Anything is possible with Chucky's powerful voodoo seed.

13. When Redman is killed by Tiffany, his bowels are lying on the floor steaming. However, in reality, they wouldn't steam, as they would have been at his body temperature of 98.6F, and it wasn't that cold in the room.

EXPLANATION: Being in California, perhaps the air conditioning was on, causing the steaming of his insides.

14. Britney Spears' single 'Oops I Did It Again' was released mainstream in 2000, and given the hiatus of six years between Parts 4 and 5, there's no way Chucky would have known that song, let alone the lyric, as he was not 'alive' in 2000, only resurrected during the events in 2004.

EXPLANATION: I got nothing, but it was pretty funny.

15. Throughout Parts 4 and 5, Chucky's right eye is damaged, but when he runs Britney's car off the road, it clearly shows his left eye being the one that's damaged.

16. When Tiffany is reading her '12 Steps To Addiction' book, when the book is facing away, she's reading the page on the right. However, when we actually see the book, she's reading the page on the left. Furthermore, she skips to Step 9, which is magically on the page after Steps 1 and 2, but the title for Step 9 is on the top of the left page when we see it.

17. How could Tiffany have hung up on Joan when the extension at Jennifer Tilly's house was still on? And since when does a phone hang itself up?

18. The cordless phone that Tiffany uses to call Ruth is turned off when she actually dials it.

19. In the scene where Pete is killed by sulfuric acid, the bottle breaks on his head and acid leaks down on both sides, but only the left side of his face and body receives any damage.

20. The sulfuric acid in Pete's office is made out to be concentrated sulfuric acid (due to the damage it caused in the murder scene). However, for photographic purposes, the concentration of sulfuric acid required is not high enough to cause the immediate damage that we see. It would take about two to three minutes to cause any severe burns to the skin using diluted acid, and even then, it probably would not have killed him.

21. When Tiffany emerges to kill Joan, you can tell it is obviously someone dressed up and not the actual doll.

22. When Joan falls over the balcony on fire, she lands face-up. But later, when the police arrive and check on her, she's lying face down instead.

23. After Chucky hits Tiffany in the face with the axe and she falls down on her back, there is no blood on her face. But in the next shot, she is shown with blood down her face instead of off to the side. The blood on her face would only be possible had she been at a vertical base.

24. When Glen hacks off Chucky's left arm, the pool of blood on the tile near Chucky's head changes shape.

25. When Glen cuts off Chucky's head with the ax, you can clearly see it roll all the way to the right. But when they do a close-up of it later, the head is positioned as if it had rolled all the way to the left instead.

26. Wouldn't both Jennifer and the babies have needed medical attention after giving birth?

EXPLANATION: Again, with a voodoo pregnancy, anything is possible.

27. There's no way Jennifer's twin babies were newborns. They were cleaned up way too much and looked much older than that.

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