1. How could Chucky come back if his body was completely mutilated in the second film?

EXPLANATION: Again, with the power of voodoo, anything is possible! Apparently now a drop of his blood is enough.

2. At the beginning of the movie when Chucky is being re-created, if you look closely, you can see the shadow of the boom mic on the vat of plastic.

3. When the toy helicopter crashes, it lies right beside the wall. In the next shot, it has mysteriously moved away from that wall.

4. When the toy airplane flies around the room, if you look closely, you'll see that there is a wire attached to it to make it fly.

5. When Chucky moves in for the kill of Mr. Sullivan, wouldn't Sullivan have heard him opening the box and climbing out, especially with the plastic on the front?

6. When Chucky uses Mr. Sullivan's computer to look up information on Andy, the word "juvenile" is misspelled.

7. Chucky mails himself as a means of travel, including somehow wrapping his own box from the inside. However, it's possible that he posed as the CEO and left a note for his secretary to wrap the Good Guy doll in his office and mail it to the appropriate address, then climbed back inside the box and simply waited to be mailed.

8. How could Chucky have wrapped and shipped himself to the military school?

EXPLANATION: It's possible that Chucky posed as Mr. Sullivan and left a note for his secretary to wrap the Good Guy doll in his office and ship it to the appropriate address, then simply climbed back inside the box and waited to be mailed. Then, the next morning, even though his body was found, he could have theoretically been shipped.

9. When Andy gets to his room for the first time, you can see the shadow of the boom mic pole moving to the right of the door.

10. When Andy removes the white rag used to gag Whitehurst, it is still wrapped around his neck. However, in the next shot, it is laying on the floor. After that, when Whitehurst stands up it is back around his neck again.

11. Early on, Whitehurst refers to Shelton as 'Lt. Col. Fred C. Shelton'. Later, when they are in formation, Shelton's nameplate reads 'SHELTON, B'.

12. When Andy falls to the floor with his food tray, a lot of food falls onto the floor next to him. However, when the camera cuts to a wide shot, all the food is gone from the floor and the tray is closer to Andy.

EXPLANATION: That scene appears to be a victim of multiple takes.

13. As Tyler walks upstairs with the mail package, a boy walking downstairs knocks it out of his hands. However, in subsequent shots, that same boy is nowhere to be found as the package slides down the stairs.

14. When Chucky attacks Andy from underneath is bed, he cuts Andy's Achilles tendon. Throughout the rest of the movie, Andy should have a limp from such a severe injury, but he never shows any signs of it at all even though he is shown walking and running several times for the rest of the film.

15. When Chucky and Andy are fighting in Andy's room, Chucky has a pocket knife in hand. When Andy kicks Chucky, he drops the knife and it goes under the bed. However, in the next shot you can see that the knife is now placed beside the chest, and not under the bed.

16. When the garbage man hears Chucky's cry for help, the boom mic and the camera can both be seen.

17. How could Chucky climb out of the back of the garbage truck? He was clearly not tall enough to reach the top, and with no leverage, had no way to get out, as the garbage man displayed when he got trapped in there a few moments later.

18. During their punishment drill, wouldn't the rest of the platoon have heard Andy say that Chucky's alive and question it?

19. Upon closer scrutiny, the newspaper clipping which Col. Cochrane reads while speaking to Andy at the beginning of the film clearly has nothing to do with the story of Andy and Chucky. Rather, it is a series of completely unrelated paragraphs about nothing in particular.

20. When Col. Cochrane emerges during the midnight exercise, he is not wearing his cover (hat) as he should be. He also salutes improperly (his hand position is wrong) and inappropriately, since saluting is never done without wearing cover. Saluting is also never done indoors (since soldiers or cadets never wear cover indoors), despite this being seen several times in the film.

21. The hair standards sure aren't consistent throughout the film. Female cadets are required to tie their hair back while in uniform, but Sgt. Botnick allows male cadets to grow their hair longer than it should be, even though he was supposedly so tough on them about it. And why didn't he give Andy a full crew cut?

22. When Chucky is positioned in the barber's chair, the hair on his forehead changes between shots. There's a wisp of hair in several shots, but combed back in others.

23. It sure did take Colonel Cochrane a long time to get back to his office, given the fast pace of his walk. Somehow De Silva and Ivers had ample time to escape.

24. Wouldn't the officers or someone on the platoon have double-checked each and every rifle for safety prior to the war games event? Even still, guns made to fire paint rounds are specially modified to fire only paint rounds and not live rounds, so making the switch would render them useless.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps the check was already completed prior to Chucky sabotaging them, and hey folks, it's Hollywood!

25. There is no way a military academy wouldn't teach their students the first rule of using a firearm: When you are given a firearm you must always check to see if it is loaded and what kind of bullets it has. So the cadets would have definitely known if live rounds were in their weapons.

26. At some point during the war games exercise, someone would have found Sgt. Botnick's body and immediately brought the exercise to a half. Somehow, that never happened.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Chucky hid the body, and if Sgt. Botnick had no responsibilities during the war games, it is entirely possible that he was forgotten about.

27. All the snow in the forest at the end of the movie is obviously fake, since it has more of a consistency of foam as opposed to actual snow.

28. How is Chucky that good of a shot in his current form, and more importantly, how is De Silva that BAD of a shot, given that she is at a military training school? Seems like he hit his target way more than she did.

29. Does it really take that long for a grenade to explode after the pin is pulled out?

EXPLANATION: The actual detonation time varies. It was done for dramatic effect.

30. After Whitehurst is blown up by the grenade, he blinks even though he is supposed to be dead.

31. When Tyler runs to the security tent at the carnival, the guard places a cup of coffee on the table. But when he turns back to retrieve it, it's not in the same place he left it.

32. At the point when the scythe cuts Chucky's face off, when it cuts to the shot of the scythe and Chucky's decapitated skin, you can see the camera, reflected off of it.

33. As Chucky walks towards the camera in the Devil's Lair scene, the shadow of the mechanism moving his feet is clearly visible.

34. The position of Andy's hands between shots as he hangs from the tracks of the Devil's Lair and the car passes over him.

35. When Chucky is thrown down the skull mountain inside the Devil's Lair, he falls facing downward, toward the fan. However, when he actually lands in it, he's suddenly facing upward.

36. At the very end, after Chucky's body is mangled in the large industrial fan, there is a big explosion. Where did that come from?

37. What town has an outdoor carnival that late in the year? There was obviously snow shown in the hills, and the rides and attractions (including the ferris wheel) were clearly meant for summer patrons.

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