1. How could Chucky come back if his heart was shot out in the original film?

EXPLANATION: With the power of voodoo, anything is possible!

2. When the technicians are re-building Chucky, they put Size C batteries into him. In the original, they were size D.

3. At the end of the first film, Chucky is burnt, and his right eye is melted shut. In the beginning of this one, it is his left eye that is gone.

4. In the beginning, as Chucky is being reconstructed, the paint mask is put over his face to give him freckles. During this time, no paint is sprayed on the holes over the bridge of his nose, but freckles appear there anyway. In addition to that, his eyebrows are never painted on, yet appear throughout the film after that.

5. When Chucky is being reconstructed and when the other dolls are made, you see their legs are hard plastic or rubber, like a standard action figure. However, at various times throughout the movie when the doll is moved, its legs hang limp and swing like a rag doll.

6. Chucky's doll materials are not consistent. He is shown being made of plastic and his eyes are glass and movable, but when he is grabbed at some points in the point, his face is rubber, eyes painted on, and his "plastic" torso that was built in the beginning of the film is cotton.

7. Throughout all the events of the film, wouldn't Andy have tried to escape and find his mother?

EXPLANATION: After she was locked up in the time between the films, reality set in for him and he knew he was on his own.

8. When Mattson opens the door with his card, you see him holding the key in his right hand. But in the next shot, the way he is holding it changes. Also, it is really obvious that there isn't even a locking mechanism on the door to begin with.

9. When Mattson tosses Chucky into the back seat of his car, he does so feet-first. However, in the next shot, he's completely reversed, making it appear as though he was thrown in head-first.

10. When Chucky first points the toy gun at Mattson, he says, "Don't move!" but his lips never move.

11. When Mattson is driving with Chucky in the back seat, pay attention to how slow he is driving. Who would drive that slow, especially when Chucky was supposedly in a hurry to get to Andy as quick as possible?

12. The toys in the backseat of Mattson's car change from when Chucky is initially tossed in to when he actually comes alive.

13. A reflection of a crew member is seen in Mattson's car door window during his death scene.

14. The film is supposed to be set in Chicago, yet palm trees are visible in the background of the Simpsons' neighborhood.

15. When Phil is driving after picking up Andy, the Play Pals trucks pass the same part of Phil's car twice. This also happens later when Mattson is driving with Chucky in the backseat, and the Play Pals truck pulls out in front of them both times.

16. When Andy arrives at the Simpsons' house for the first time, Phil tells Joanne he has to go back to work in the afternoon. How can this be, when the time on the living room clock clearly shows quarter to 5 in the evening?

17. When Joanne is reading a bedtime story to Andy during the stormy night, she mistakenly changes her accent to her native English accent. She even makes a change in her facial expression making her realize her mistake, but somehow no one else noticed and the scene was left alone.

18. When Chucky enters the Simpson House, he just opens the front door and walks right in. Why didn't the Simpsons have their doors locked?

19. When Chucky first arrives at the Simpsons' house, it is pouring down rain. Yet later, when he is burying Tommy, the soil is very dry and easy to dig.

20. How could Chucky have buried Tommy in the backyard without anyone noticing? Surely a nosy neighbor or passerby would have seen something.

21. When Chucky is burying Tommy, the edges of the grave are grassy. Later, during the pullback shot, the edges of the grave are dirt with no grass.

22. When Andy approaches Chucky posing as Tommy, near the foot of the stairs, the doll's freckles are faded in some shots, and more prominent in others.

23. When Chucky pretends to be Tommy, a small drawn on mole, under the left side of the doll's mouth is alternately there or missing.

24. When Chucky buries Tommy in the back yard, during the overhead shot, you can clearly tell it is a person in a suit and not a doll.

25. Chucky's red overall buttons appear and disappear a few times throughout the film.

26. Wouldn't Andy or Kyle have noticed the fresh dirt in the backyard after Chucky buried Tommy? Especially with the swing right above it?

27. When Kyle is gardening, you can clearly notice the shadows of crew members in the garden.

28. When Kyle and Andy are in the garden, we see Chucky sitting on a flower cart. In the wide shot, he sits in the middle of the cart, but in the close-up, he's on the left.

29. The position of the flowers behind Chucky changes from shot to shot as he sits on the garden cart.

30. How did no one notice Chucky at the school bus stop, particularly in an area that busy?

31. The sleeves of the young classmate sitting behind Andy change from rolled up to down in subsequent shots.

32. A row of the desks near the wall in the classroom magically disappear and reappear during Miss Kettlewell's death scene.

33. When Miss Kettlewell asks Andy, "then who did?" when confronting him about his vulgar assignment, look behind them. There is a shot of the classroom door closing in subsequent shots.

34. When Miss Kettlewell says, "Head down!" to Andy, Andy's elbows are resting on some textbooks on the desk. However, in the next shot, the textbooks are in front of him.

35. Why would Miss Kettlewell think Andy is hiding in the closet, when she locked that door previously, and there was no way Andy could have opened it?

36. When Miss Kettlewell is stabbed with the basketball pump, she drops her keys to the floor. In the next shot, when Chucky exits the cloakroom, the whole floor is visible, but the keys have mysteriously vanished.

37. When Chucky exits the cloakroom with the yard stick, there is no gap in the clothes hanging on the rack. However, in the next shot, there is.

38. The color of the jump rope changes from shot to shot when Andy is tied to the bed.

39. After Kyle takes the sock out of Andy's mouth, she places it on the bed. However, in the next shot, it is totally gone.

40. When Phil and Joanne argue about Andy, a crew member's reflection is seen in a picture frame.

41. Before Kyle finds Joanne's dead body, a ball of yarn mysteriously appears on the staircase about halfway up. How could a ball of yarn have flied that far from Joanne's bedroom?

EXPLANATION: Chucky threw it that far as a diversion.

42. Andy's slippers magically disappear and reappear several times while Chucky has him tied to the bed.

43. What are the odds of the dryer stopping and buzzing just as Andy backs into it?

44. After Andy backs into a prop in the basement, you can clearly see a crew member's head in the bottom right of the screen as he ducks down.

45. When Chucky jumps onto Andy's shoulders int he basement, you see them landing halfway on a carpet on the floor. When the next shot cuts away, they are totally away from that same carpet.

46. When Joanne kneels by Phil's body, she cried, "Oh God, no,", but then, just before the cut, Phil's right hand moves, even though he's dead.

47. When Kyle bumps into Joanne's dead body, a boom mic is clearly visible in the mirror.

48. When Chucky is in the car and Kyle is pulled over, he gets a nosebleed. When the cop takes notice of this, the blood is gone in the next shot.

49. Kyle wrecks the station wagon, smashing the front end. However, later, it appears completely intact.

50. When the orphan children are evacuating the building during the fire alarm, a girl is shown covering the same steps between shots.

51. When the fire alarm goes off, Grace Poole walks down the stairs and grabs Andy by the top of his arm. However, in the next shot, she is holding his hand.

52. When Grace Poole descends the stairs the boots she is wearing are deep black and glossy. Moments later when she has been stabbed and collapses in front of the photocopier, the stunt woman playing her is wearing boots which are matte and lighter in tone.

53. There are clearly shadows visible after Chucky stabs Grace Poole (probably his puppeteers).

54. In one of the wide shots when the fire trucks are arriving to respond to the alarm, it is apparent that the red Ford Kyle crashed earlier is not there. It should be at least partially visible in the shot, but isn't.

55. When Chucky closes the door so Kyle can't get in, he has his arm by his side. But in the next shot, when he says "Okay, sport," his hand is up and pointing at Andy.

56. When Andy runs to the factory, he passes the same truck several times.

57. When Kyle runs toward the rapidly closing metal door, the street goes from wet to dry.

58. What are the odds that the factory conveyor belt would pick up speed just as Kyle enters the area?

59. In the factory, the first shot of the eye machine shows a doll getting eyes and hair attached with all the other dolls being hairless. Right after this, all of the dolls suddenly have their hair already and the machine adds eyes only.

60. When Chucky loses his right hand, the knife changes positions between shots. You can also see the puppeteers' hair in the bottom left corner during the scene.

61. In the technician's death scene on the eye machine, look closely. You can clearly see his eyelids are closed and pained red. In addition to that, the eyes are mismatched, with the left one up a little higher than the right, even though the clamp held the technician's head perfectly in place

62. The ring on the ring finger of Kyle's right hand disappears when she flips Chucky off before he backs into the machine at the factory. In the next shot, when her right hand is visible again, the ring is back on.

63. How did Chucky only lose his legs in the machine in the factory? It should have totally destroyed him.

64. When Andy opens the tap to the boiling, melted plastic, some of it squirts on his hand. If it was really at boiling temperature, his hand would have been burned severely.

65. At the end of the movie, when Chucky is being re-made in the toy machine there is a hand visible as the credits roll.

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