1. When Mike chases Charles Lee Ray at the start of the film, he removes his gloves twice inside the toy store.

2. When the pile of boxed dolls falls on Charles Lee Ray, he lands on the floor face up. Later, after cutting to Norris and then back to Ray, he is lying face down.

3. After Chucky becomes possessed with the soul of Charles Lee Ray, his red overall buttons appear and disappear several times throughout the film.

4. When Andy jumps on his Mom's bed, on the morning of his birthday, he shouts "Wake up, Mummy, Wake up." but his mouth doesn't move.

5. The film obviously takes place in the middle of winter. However, when Andy goes to wake Karen up, she tells him it's only 6:30 in the morning. Depending on the month, the sun would either be just rising or not yet have risen at 6:30 a.m. in Chicago, and the sun certainly would not be shining into the room as much as it appears to be.

6. When Andy makes his mother breakfast in bed, the drink initially looks like orange juice when he pours it in the kitchen and walks down the hall. But then in his mother's bedroom, the drink mysteriously changes to milk.

7. The amount of cereal on the counter changes from shot to shot. It goes from a lot of cereal to much less, then, back to a lot.

8. When the Good Guys commercial is playing on the Barclays' TV, in wide shots there is a box on top of the TV, yet in closeups of the TV the top of the TV has nothing on it.

9. The collar of Karen's coat changes between shots when she is talking to Andy outside his school.

10. Again, perhaps it's because it was the 80's, but what young boy would take a DOLL to school with him? He was just asking to be mercilessly picked on by his classmates.

11. When Andy is leaving school with Chucky you can see the reflection of the crew in the windows.

12. When Andy and Chucky are on the train, the white stripe around the bottom of Chucky's shoes are suddenly red.

13. Maybe it's just a product of the times, but who would give their child REAL tools to play with, including a knife and hammer, that were included in the Good Guy Tool Kit?

14. Andy places Chucky in a rocking chair that is missing a runner on one side. Later, when Chucky is gone, the chair is shown rocking, with both runners intact.

15. When Maggie is putting away the washed utensils, extra bowls appear in different shots of the scene.

16. A basket on the TV that Chucky knocks off with his foot magically re-appears later.

17. When Maggie gets hit in the eye with the hammer, there should have been a huge splatter of blood or some sign of the impact, but barely any is seen.

18. When Maggie falls out the window to her death, she is backwards. However, when she crashes through the car, she is falling face first.

19. If it was really that cold outside, why didn't police seal the Barclay's window or have it replaced after their investigation concluded that evening?

EXPLANATION: Since it was an apartment, perhaps they left it to the building superintendent.

20. When Detective Norris orders the other police officers to clear the area, they all leave. In reality, no one would leave like that until the investigation was concluded.

21. Why didn't anyone say something to Andy on the train? Isn't a six-year-old ALONE a tad bit suspicious?

22. Why would Andy go outside of Eddie Caputo's house to "take a tinkle"? Surely he would have been smart enough to find a bathroom inside the building?

23. If Eddie Caputo's house was truly abandoned, all of the utilities should have been turned off.

24. In the police station when Andy is being interrogated by Santos, Andy smacks Chucky because he won't talk and his hair is in disarray. However, in the next shot, his hair is slicked down.

25. Why was their no sizzle when Mike burned Chucky with his cigarette lighter? Even though he was plastic and not human, there still should have been some indication that he was being burnt.

26. Why would Detective Norris' radio all of a sudden get fuzzy just as Chucky is about to attack? He never changed the station or even moved the dial.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps he went through an underpass or an area with poor reception.

27. Why would Chucky all of a sudden just leave the scene of the rollover, when he said all along he was determined to get Mike and Eddie "no matter what"?

EXPLANATION: Chucky was shocked that he was able to bleed and feel pain, and he sought the advice of John, his mentor.

28. You can clearly tell Mike's hand is not cut, but rather, a little bit of blood smeared onto his hand.

29. When Detective Norris is driving and Chucky is trying to stab him through the car seat, Norris clearly puts his feet up on the dash in the in-car view. But when they go to the outside view of the car, there are no feet on the dash. In addition, the car never slows down during that time, and during the 360 scene, you can clearly see the stunt driver, who is wearing a beanie. Norris had nothing on his head.

30. What was Mike thinking firing his gun inside an upside down wrecked vehicle? There could have been gasoline or oil spilled nearby, and the whole thing could have gone up in flames.

31. There's no way Chucky would have been able to stab up from under Mike's seat that easily. There just wasn't enough room under the seat, even for a small doll like Chucky to fit.

32. When Chucky is strangling Norris in the car, Norris burns Chucky's face with the cigarette lighter, to which Chucky screams in pain and eventually lets go of the rope. However, after the crash, Norris shoots at Chucky and Chucky laughs saying that he can't be hurt. Later, when he goes to see John, he references being shot as causing pain, but not the cigarette lighter.

33. Just before the car flips during the car scene, there is a huge film light visible in the sky above.

34. When Karen is looking for the street urchin who sold her Chucky, she asks if he remembers her, saying she bought the doll the day before, when in fact it was several days before.

35. When Chucky goes to see John, the voodoo man, he is sitting on John's counter. Between shots, one of the cupboards, above the counter, magically opens itself.

36. When Chucky finds John's voodoo doll, he is wearing a tan shirt, which changes to white, then back to tan again between shots.

37. When John is dying and he is telling Karen how to kill Chucky, he touches her coat with his blood-drenched hands, yet there are no finger prints or marks of blood on her coat.

38. Wouldn't other tenants in the apartment complex of heard Karen's struggle with Chucky and alerted someone, given the accident that had just occurred there with Maggie's death?

39. When Dr. Ardmore tries to give Andy the injection at the clinic, Andy struggles from his grip and then grabs his glasses from his face. Then, in subsequent shots, his glasses are back on his face, then off again.

40. When Karen is looking at the Good Guy box where it says "Batteries Included", it says "Play Partners Toys" in the bottom left-hand corner. The company that produces the Good Guy dolls is called "Play Pals Toys", not Play Partners.

41. When Chucky first speaks to Karen, she drops him and he rolls under the couch. if you look closely, you'll see that the middle skirting of the couch is clearly pulled back to allow him to roll under. But in the next shot, she gets down and has to lift the skirting of the couch up.

42. When Chucky reveals himself to Karen and starts struggling in her arms, you can tell he is being supported by a puppeteer hiding below the frame and not really hanging from her arms.

43. The bite mark on Karen's arm changes positions and then mysteriously vanishes toward the end of the movie.

44. When Chucky hits Andy with the baseball bat, you can clearly see that the bat doesn't even make contact with him.

45. During the voodoo incantation, Chucky mispronounces the French portion of it. Instead of saying "Pouvoir des morts" (power of the dead), he says "poivre de le morte" (pepper of the dead) with quite a few spelling mistakes.

46. Prior to getting set on fire, when Chucky is trying to get out of the fireplace, you can clearly see a hand pushing him into the fire screen.

47. After Chucky is set on fire, he knocks down the fireplace guard, and you can see both his shoes have come off. However, in subsequent shots, his shoes are back on.

48. How would Mike have known Chucky's remains were scattered in the hallway? He was on the floor of the bedroom and had no idea what transpired in the rest of the apartment.

49. The charred Chucky that emerges from the fireplace was clearly much different from the one that was on fire inside it moments earlier.

50. When Chucky emerged from the fireplace on fire, wouldn't that fire have spread to other areas of the apartment, or at least set off a smoke alarm?

51. What eighth floor apartment has a fireplace? And where would the flu be located?

52. When Detective Norris asks Santos if he's seen Chucky anywhere, he says "Who's Chucky?" and confusedly, "Why would I know anything about a doll?". Yet earlier at the station house, he was asking Andy "So why did Chucky want to see Eddie?" indicating Andy had told him pretty much everything.

53. It is painfully obvious at several points throughout the movie that Chucky is a small person in a costume rather than a tiny toy doll, including in the apartment elevator and the children's clinic.

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