Total Number Of Scars: 93

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1. Shot to death
2. Punched in stomach
3. Thrown on floor twice
4. Cigarette lighter to face
5. Rollover car accident
6. Shot in chest
7. Thrown across room
8. Shot in leg
9. Burned in fireplace
10. Shot in chest
11. Beheaded by gunshot
12. Arm shot off
13. Foot shot off
14. Shot twice in back
15. Shot in heart

CHILD'S PLAY 2 (1990)

16. Slammed with trunk of car
17. Punched in face
18. Thrown down basement stairs
19. Electric knife to head
20. Tossed upside down into garbage can
21. Lamp to head
22. Crashes through windshield during car accident
23. Rammed off fence after being ejected from car through windshield
24. Gate dropped on wrist, loses hand
25. Impales own arm with knife to make a new arm of it
26. Tray to head
27. Tagged repeatedly by factory machine
28. Mutilated in doll assembly, lost legs
29. Melted by boiling liquid plastic
30. Head exploded with air hose

CHILD'S PLAY 3 (1991)

31. Hits head on door
32. Dumped in back of garbage truck
33. Hit with shoe
34. Slammed off ground repeatedly
35. Thrown into trashcan headfirst
36. Knifed in chest
37. Shot in chest with paintball gun
38. Pushed aside by automatic coffin lid
39. Half of face sliced off by carnival scythe
40. Arm shot off
41. Shot in chest
42. Hand cut off
43. Mutilated by large industrial fan


44. Punched in face
45. Dry-humped
46. Thrown to ground
47. Kicked in face
48. Thrown across room
49. Punched in face
50. Dropped on ground
51. Palm to forehead
52. Crashes through car window
53. Lands on ground
54. Knifed in back
55. Dirt in face
56. Bit on hand
57. Choked
58. Hit with shovel
59. Shot to death


60. Knifed in chest
61. Kicked
62. Axed in chest
63. Arms chopped off with ax
64. Legs chopped off with ax
65. Head chopped off with ax


66. Tossed upside down into garbage can
67. Beheaded with ax
68. Backhanded
69. Slips on pool of blood
70. Knifed in back
71. Shotgun blast to head


72. Nails in head
73. Burned with blowtorch
74. Hand melted with Zippo lighter
75. Suffocated with pillow
76. Rips own arm off
77. Tossed down laundry chute
78. Insides ripped out
79. Shot five times in head, chest
80. Head stomped in repeatedly


81. Thrown to floor
82. Hit in head with toy guitar
83. Battery removed
84. Slammed to ground
85. Head smashed off ground repeatedly
86. Hit in head with toy police car
87. Slapped twice in head
88. Falls from rope at top level of storage shelf
89. Knifed in chest
90. Shot in stomach
91. Head ripped off
92. Beaten to pieces with sledgehammers and baseball bats
93. Burned

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