Dick Wieand
Dick Wieand, who played Roy in Part 5, disappointed fans when he revealed that he wishes people would forget that he played the role. He doesn't understand why people make such a big deal about him playing Jason, and said that he 'didn't belong in Jason's shoes'. That all changed after a 2006 convention appearance really opened his eyes about the fanbase. He now appreciates his place in Jason history, and is very gracious when meeting fans. His last screen credit was the 2003 film 'Every 43 Seconds'. Dick, a Penn State University graduate, is currently a celebrity photographer in Hollywood.

Tom Morga
Tom Morga, an acclaimed stuntman, did most of the work behind the mask as Jason in Part 5. He was also given uncredited roles as Leatherface and as Michael Myers in the opening scenes of 'Halloween 4'. Tom has done a lot of work with the various 'Star Trek' spinoffs in the 1990s, including 'The Next Generation' and 'Deep Space Nine'. He continues his work in the stunt business today, most recently helping in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' trilogy and the 2009 film 'Dead Air', which stars fellow horror vet Bill Moseley.

John Shepherd
John Shepherd is one of the few actors to appear in both the 'Friday the 13th' film series and TV series, alongside John D. LeMay. Shepherd, who was offered to reprise his role as Tommy in Part 6, turned it down after he became a born-again Christian with devout faith. Since Part 5, John has stayed active in films, appearing in 'The Hunt for Red October', 'Down Periscope', and 2000's 'Bless The Child'. His TV credits include 'Friday the 13th', 'Quantum Leap', and 'Road to Avonlea'.

Melanie Kinnaman
Melanie Kinnaman has gone on to become an accomplished dancer and stage actress. She had originally signed on to star in 'Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives', but dropped out after the script was changed from a direct sequel to Part 5 to the return of Jason. Melanie has also appeared in 'Best of the Best', 'Cheers', and 'Thunder Alley', but has mainly concentrated on her dancing. She has retired from acting.

Richard Young
Richard Young, Matt from Part 5, has been successful primarily on the small screen since Part 5. His TV credits include 'Amazing Stories', 'Cheers', and 'Murder, She Wrote'. His film credits since Part 5 include 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' and 'Saigon Commandos'. In 2000, he was a finalist for the Cleo Bachelor of the Year Award.

Juliette Cummins
Juliette Cummins went on to continue her horror career, appearing in 'Psycho III' with Anthony Perkins, and 'The Slumber Party Massacre II'. She has made most of her recent appearances on the small screen in several shows and commercials. Juliette was a member of 'The Beverly Hills Theatre Group' for 4 years and studied at USC Drama School. Prior to that, she was a U.S. National Gymnast for 14 years. Today, she no longer appears in films, but will do commercials from time to time. She is currently an acting teacher in Los Angeles.

Tiffany Helm
Tiffany Helm went on to study dance with Roland Dupree and became a member of 'The Beverly Hills Mime Troupe'. She has been retired from acting since 1996. Her last film credits included 'Sworn to Vengeance' (1993) and 'Rama' (1996). She has also appeared in '21 Jump Street' and in two episodes of 'Freddy's Nightmares'.

Dominick Brascia
Dominick Brascia, now out of acting, has become a popular radio show host in various cities across the country. He has been on the air in Denver, Beaumont, TX, and Birmingham, Alabama, where he has hosted the afternoon talk show on WERC 960AM since May 2008. His film credits include 'Iron Eagle' and 'My Life as a Troll', and on the small screen, he's appeared on 'Knight Rider', 'Night Court', and 'Amazing Stories'.

Debisue Voorhees
Debisue Voorhees, Tina from Part 5, got out of acting around 1987. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism, and was a copy editor in California until 2008. She is now an English teacher in Texas. Debisue has written seven different screenplays as a hobby, and is currently looking for a publisher for a book she has written about her experiences in journalism and film. So who knows, maybe we will see the name 'Voorhees' in print once again.

Shavar Ross
Shavar Ross has gone on to numerous TV appearances in the 1980s and 1990s, including 'MacGyver', 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', and 'Family Matters'. He started his own production company in 2001 called 'Tri 7 Entertainment', which he is the CEO of. A born-again Christian, Shavar was a minister for four years at The Alive Church in Hollywood. He returned to the big screen in 2003's religious drama, 'Soul To Take', and appeared in the E! network's highest-rated special, 'Child Stars of the '80s'. Shavar was most recently seen on the TV show 'Chocolate News' in 2008, playing a preacher.

Carol Locatell
Carol Locatell, Ethel from Part 5, has now started an acting workshop in Manhattan, and has had several recurring roles on TV. Her credits include 'Touched By An Angel', 'Without A Trace' and 'Numbers'. Most recently, Carol appeared in the hit series 'Grey's Anatomy' in 2008.

Miguel A. Nunez, Jr.
Miguel Nunez, Jr., is probably one of the few actors from Part 5 that is still very active in acting today. After Part 5, he's been seen in 'Return of the Living Dead', 'Lethal Weapon 3', and 'Leprechaun 4'. Miguel played Dee Jay in the 'Street Fighter' adaptation in 1994, and has appeared in other movies such as 'Nutty Professor II', 'Juwanna Mann', and 'Meet Dave' with Eddie Murphy. And no, it wasn't those damn enchiladas. Today, he is heavily involved in acting and in the stage show, 'Friends & Lovers'. He is slated to appear in the 2009 film 'Imps', which also features fellow 'Friday 5' alum Ron Sloan.

Marco St. John
Marco St. John, who played Sheriff Tucker in Part 5, continued on in his acting career. His most recent roles included the role of Chief Morris in 2004's 'The Punisher' and the sci-fi original, 'Frankenfish', also in 2004. In 2009, Marco has four films slated for release: 'Sweet Kandy', 'Bad Lieutenant', 'Leonie', and 'Dead of Night'.

Richard Lineback
Richard Lineback (Deputy Dodd) is one of those actors that you know when you see him. He's been a minor-role player in lots of movies like 'Sommersby', 'The Stand', 'Natural Born Killers', 'Speed', 'Twister' and 'Varsity Blues', among others. His most recent movie was the 2002 horror hit 'The Ring', and he has had some success on the small screen, appearing in 'JAG', 'McBride', and 'Navy NCIS'.

Todd Bryant
Todd Bryant, best known for his performance as 'Captain Klaa' in 'Star Trek 5', has primarily worked in stunts since that time. He attended the highly accredited Hollywood stunt academy taught by Paul Stader, and was the youngest student at the academy at that time. He had life threatening asthma, and was cured naturally by Dr. Timothy Brantley. Subsequently, he was the case subject in Dr. Brantley's book 'The Cure'. His stunt credits include 'World Trade Center', '1408', and 'Torque' in films, and '24', 'Lost', and 'ER' on TV.

Corey Feldman
Corey Feldman, another well-known actor who got his start in Part 4, has gone on to moderate success in both music and films. He appeared in films such as 'The Goonies', 'Stand By Me', and 'Maverick' and was also the voice of Donatello in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', which he reprised in Part III of that series. Corey was originally slated for 'Freddy vs. Jason', but dropped out. He was most recently caught up on the reality series craze, appearing on 'The Surreal Life' and 'The Two Coreys', alongside 'Lost Boys' co-star Corey Haim. His most recent movies include 'Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star' in 2003 and ''No Witness' and 'Lost Boys 2: The Tribe' in 2008.

Anthony Barrile
After Part 5, Anthony Barrile has delved into a little bit of writing, co-producing a screenplay with Geoffrey Nauffts about life, love, and theatre. The script has made its rounds in New York and Los Angeles, but as of March 2009, it has yet to be greenlit. It was lined up by Red Hour Films, which was responsible for such movies as '21 Grams' (2003), and 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' (2004). Anthony's most recent film credits were guest spots on episodes of 'Law and Order' (1999), and 'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit' (2000).

Corey Parker
Corey Parker, Pete from Part 5, has gone on to a career in television. His TV credits include 'Touched by an Angel' and 'Will and Grace', while his film biography includes 'Biloxi Blues' and 'Big Man on Campus'. His most recent film was 2002's 'The End of the Bar'.

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