Adrienne King
Adrienne King, Alice from 'Friday The 13th' Parts 1 and 2, was born and raised in Oyster Bay, Long Island, and did her first commercial when she was six months old. She has also studied voice and dance, being continually involved in some phase of show business. She has done numerous television and radio commercials. The more notable appearances include the soap operas 'The Edge of the Night', 'All My Children', and 'Another World'. More recently, she did a few voice roles for 1993's 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape?' and 1995's 'While You Were Sleeping'. Today, Adrienne is a full-time mom and runs a film production company with her husband in California, and most recently appeared on Bravo's '100 Scariest Moments In Film'. She also does horror conventions, and recently returned to acting with the 2009 film 'Walking Distance'.

Amy Steel
Amy Steel, born in West Chester, PA, has starred in various TV shows in the 1980s. Her most recent work was 2003's 'A Time To Remember'. Amy has also appeared in several TV shows, including a 2000 episode of the action series 'JAG' on CBS. Most recently, Amy has been appearing at horror conventions across the country, and provided insights on the 'His Name Was Jason' documentary DVD in 2009.

Steve Dash
Steve Dash, the "real" f*ckin Jason" from Part 2, has been involved in stunts his entire career, dating back to his appearance as Jason in 1981. He has spread his message across the globe that he is, in fact, the man behind the hood for the entire film, and that Warrington Gillette (credited as Jason), only appears in the unmasked sequences. Steve currently accepts invitations to conventions, and has appeared at several in the past couple of years.

Warrington Gillette
Warrington Gillette has recently gone back into films, playing Donald Acquin in 2005's 'Penny Dreadful'. He is also looking to get his film 'Bloody Social' produced. Outside of films, he found success in real estate finance and a t-shirt line titled 'Artrageous'. In addition, his equestrian background has led him to launch a concept for a reality show called 'The EQ Show', which he is hoping to get distributed real soon. His official website, www.jason2kills.com, features a full background on him, and you can also purchase autographed Part 2 memorabilia.

John Furey
Since quitting on the last day of filming Part 2, John Furey has gone on to appear in a handful of TV shows and Made-for-TV movies. John appeared on such shows as 'Queer as Folk', 'NYPD Blue', 'Walker Texas Ranger', and 'Earth: Final Conflict'. In 2009, John plans to start touring the horror convention circuit.

Stu Charno
Since playing the goofy, fun-loving Ted in Part 2, Stuart Charno has appeared on TV shows mostly, like 'The X-Files', 'The Pretender', and 'Chicago Hope'. His film career includes credits in 'Christine', 'Sleepwalkers' and 'Alien Hunter'. Coming in 2009, Stuart will be appearing as a Uke Player in the film 'Horrorween'. He is also active on the convention circuit.

Bill Randolph
Bill Randolph, Jeff from Part 2, has retired from acting, and is working for a newspaper company in New York.

Marta Kober
Since playing Sandra in Part 2, Marta Kober has appeared on TV shows like 'Full House' and 'Law & Order', and in films with 'The Slumber Party Massacre III'. In 1993, under the name Marta Scorsese, Marta performed in the musical group 'The Bomb'.

Russell Todd
Russell Todd, now retired from acting, runs an agency for steadicam operators. His TV and film credits include 'Jake and the Fatman', 'The Bold and Beautiful', 'Club V.R.' and 'The Young and Restless'.

Kirsten Baker
Kirsten Baker's career included films, television, and as a print model for Cannon Pictures. This led to a modeling career which she pursued into the early 1990s. Around 1993, Kirsten quit both acting and modeling. She is currently employed at an art gallery on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

Lauren-Marie Taylor
Lauren-Marie Taylor got out of acting in the 1980s. She went on to TV shows 'Ryan's Hope' and 'Loving', and also hosting a TV Series called 'Handmade by Design' in the mid-1990s. She was high school buddies with fellow actress Ally Sheedy, and recently provided some insights on the 'His Name Was Jason' documentary DVD.

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